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As our lives become more digital and interconnected, our dependency on electricity is increasing. However, effective monitoring, accurate measurement, billing, and remote access control are difficult to be achieved over the legacy energy meters. By industrial cellular routers, telecom operators can help energy providers and consumers to get visibility and control over their energy usage and expenses through automatic reading data of prepaid energy meter, including the deduction amounts, energy consumption, frequency, and voltage fluctuation. Thus, telecom operators and energy providers are capable of detecting low in credit, energy theft, defective meter unit for taking preventive actions in MSANs to optimize their operations and services.



The benefits of cellular technology offer a strong opportunity for telecom operators to support energy providers to deploy smart solutions. Telecom operators can provide an array of key services such as connectivity to more sophisticated customer interfaces and delivering messages to subscribers.

MSANs (Multi-Service Access Node) offered by telecom operators are the very important and essential parts of providing a host of services such as ISDN, broadband, and the telephone. Usually, you can find two types of MSAN installation, one of which is cabinet-based and installed on the roadside. Another is exchange-based MSAN that installed inside the telephone exchange of a telecom company.


Through the new IoT based solution, the famous operator wants to hit the goals below:


There are too many headache issues, such as how to realize the pre-sales of electricity? What are the data ingestion methods? Is the deployment environment friendly? What are the best protocols?

In this case, it was the MSANs on the line if credit runs dry.

With the help of the IoT solution, we can eliminate almost all of the listed problems and realize our objects by knowing the energy usage 24/7.


In this pilot project, we are installing the Milesight cellular router into the exchanged-based MSAN inside of a well-known telecom operator in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The PoC is composed of several IoT devices including a digital energy meter having Modbus to collect metrics, a door sensor of MSAN cabinet, several other sensors, an IP camera, and a cellular-based router with 4G LTE fail-over.

And when we overcame the power supply issue, the limited installation space, and unevenly distributed national wide, finally we got the inside look of the MSAN cabinet.



The data information like AC mains, energy usage, door status can be read through the Digital Input/Output interface on UR35 industrial cellular router and finally be published on a platform remotely through MQTT protocol over wireless LTE. In the meantime, commands from the monitoring center can be received and executed in the MSAN via the same LTE channel. Thereby, the full-duplex two-way communication comes into the real world.

For example, if the thief is attempting to open a door and to steal the battery pack, or when the billing against the energy usage, the remote admin will receive the triggered alarm by SMS, email, a mobile push, or a combination of these.


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Now admin can sit behind a screen and monitor the energy consumption, quality, and other critical data smartly.


The designed solution makes the telecom company and energy provider able to access any prepaid energy meter in the unified area through MSANs and control the measurements of this meter. As a result, the stealing of electricity can be prevented. Also, companies can communicate with the consumer by sending text messages for recharging the energy or alarm the user before the whole credit is consumed.

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