Festive Events | Video Surveillance for On-site Services


Surveillance is particularly adept at offering solutions to festive events that need traffic security or automatic check-in, especially for organizations hosting temporary outdoor events or operation work. Construction sites, circuses, open-air concerts, roadshows and flea markets are often temporary activities with demanding requirements of visitor/personnel management. Therefore, Milesight works with Godik to provide a video surveillance solution for event/field service providers in any on-site film, engineering or catering services. 




Like wind energy, solar power harnesses nature’s resources and makes use of them to create green energy for everyday consumption. As is known, solar power can contribute to make Denmark independent of fossil fuels by 2050. With an aim to use renewable energy in the deployment, the personnel adopts solar panel to produce electricity for the system. 



By deploying a light tower including 4 thermal cameras, 1 PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera, 1 loudspeaker, 1 PoE switch and 1 Milesight UR35 with PoE interface and GPS, the company is able to copy this solution template to many temporary on-site festive events or outdoor activities to monitor traffic and security.


During the events, operators are able to track on-site traffic and security situations via visualized data collected from thermal cameras and PTZ camera, and consequently delivering alerts or notices via the loudspeaker. Also, due to the GPS feature, UR35 cellular router is able to track location of light powers, which makes all the assets under control.


Furthermore, the company also adopts sun panels to offer power to the system, which guarantees 100% clean energy used for this solution. 



About Godik

Godik is nationwide major supplier of equipment rental for events and festivals, as well as rental and sale of equipment for crafts and industry, agriculture and retail industry, as well as damage services.

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