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It is true that the cold chain industry struggles to monitor the cold conditions in the shipment process. As a result, to meet the majority of demanding needs, wireless technology becomes an integral part and it takes some major steps forward. Therefore, with a piece of good knowledge of the benefits of wireless connectivity, Hua Tech System finds Milesight to work out an IoT-based solution by using UR72 industrial cellular router.

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Difficult to monitor the cold storage condition
Hard to send out alarm/report for the temperature of perishable products timely


smart-cold-chain-ur72              smart-cold-chain-ur72



To start with, the convergence of Bluetooth Sensor, Bluetooth Gateway and UR72 industrial cellular router will propose a complete wireless coverage for cold chain industry. Firstly, the Bluetooth sensor gathers data and transmits it to the Bluetooth gateway via the Bluetooth connection. Secondly, supporting Transparent/Modbus Gateway and featuring communication modules allow UR72 to transmit parameters received from Bluetooth gateway to the management system in real-time without deploying any wiring.

Besides, mobility and redundancy via dual SIM functions will drop off the possibilities of link failure and ensure the seamless M2M communications. Also, real-time alert through SMS and Email allows operators to take actions timely so as to minimize loss and maximize highly possible uptime. Meanwhile, the networking technology brings terrific value to businesses and enhanced enterprises’ profitability. Therefore, it enhances the capabilities of monitoring cold storage equipment’s temperature, energy consumption, and other parameters.

Key Benefits

Real-time Protection

24-hour-a-day monitoring through wireless connection underpins the temperature-controlled distribution. The equipment and facilities can best ensure a good conservation of cold chain products.

Increased Profitability

Control center can take action in real-time and make decisions with confidence when equipment breakdown or confronting with other problems. It brings high availability of those temperature-critical products and delivers them with high quality.

Build Customer Loyalty

Every cooperation starts with customers' trust. The continuous wireless monitoring solution guarantees product safety and puts our service in place. Customers can receive products on time and meet their satisfaction.

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