Milesight Facilitates in Remote Monitoring of Italy Rail Freight Transport

milesight facilitates in italy rail freight transport

By using devices provided by Milesight, eWon and Railoc, customers can keep track of the locomotives wherever they are, knowing rail freight transport at any time. The eWon remote management solution and Milesight UR32 give them online access to the machinery status and operations, which means they can reduce service trips and maintenance costs while giving their customers an even more reliable vehicle.

The challenge

Railoc is the result of over 10 years in railway sector of mechanics and automation. Extremely qualified personnel are allowed to give the best guarantees concerning the high level of quality of its work. The workshop is situated in Udine (ITALY) where 20 skilled technicians operate. Being a manufacturer of technically advanced locomotives, at the end of 2020 Railoc started a project for give a remote system solution for controlling engine’s status that are working in most of part of Italy. The need is not only for repairs or maintenances, but also to offer a quickly reply to problems and to keep track of position and plan the shunting of the trains; moreover, this matter is a very important requirement for the EU regulations.

italy-udineRailoc looked for several systems through the cooperation of important companies and IT engineers. The choice of an integration between eWon and Milesight systems is due to feasibility of working together. The strength of this integrated system is the flexibility to change and expand itself for future requirements.

The need to connect multiple types of data from different sources, including PLC (engine anomalies, working hours, etc.) and GPS (locomotive position, thanks to the use of the Milesight device), and the need to provide tailored functionalities for the management of locomotives such as historical maneuvers, preventive maintenance, notifications, data analysis and much more, has brought to the usage of REXDATA (By NEWEB Digital Services – Since 2008).

REXDATA is a dynamic platform on cloud that allows 360° customization, ensuring excellent security and scalability for large workloads. The platform allows you to centralize all activities in one place, best meeting all Railoc expectations. Thanks to a sophisticated interface created for each specific purpose, interaction with REXDATA takes place quickly and intuitively, ensuring a unique experience.

How it works

Communication between the different devices inside locomotive is carried out via Ethernet and information is gathered inside the gateway that stores all data coming from PLC and GPS.  The machinery data, for example running hours, temperatures, pressures, alarms, oil level, etc., are displayed inside the locomotive using an HMI so the operator can control in real time every parameter during the day by day operations. At the same time the gateway stores these values inside its memory using Modbus protocol for PLC and NMEA protocol from Milesight UR32 router.

Then gateway sends data via a mobile network in REXDATA logging information. The result is that Railoc and their customers can see live and historical data from every locomotive. The data are stored in a database for trend reports and analysis. Furthermore, it is also possible to get alarms and mail whenever certain thresholds are reached.

milesight railoc cooperation

The results

The remote control of the machine allows you to have everything under control in rail freight transport and to be able to plan maintenance works in a timely manner, minimizing downtime.

italy triesteThe biggest challenge has been to be able to meet all the demands of our customers, trying to optimize the flow of data without overloading the system and conveying only strategic information. The contribution of Milesight has been of remarkable impact on the final result given from the union between the two systems integrated. The advantage of GPS systems is quite impressive because the location accuracy is very high and the system is designed to be well displayed within a complex context, contributing to rail freight transport.

Railoc is expaning the system to control trains also to Naples and Novara.

ur32 lite installation

About Railoc

Railoc, headquartered in Udine, has a fully equipped workshop for the construction and maintenance of railway vehicles. Our team plays a key role in effectively managing customer relations by providing highly qualified personnel capable of addressing and solving complex situations. Our Technical Department supports the commercial team by planning and monitoring the maintenance process and by issuing the required relevant technical documentation. Our skilled technicians constantly update and specialize in all those areas relevant to the Company activities.

Our company has constantly been evolving, specializing in and carrying out rail vehicles revamping, in order to professionally meet its customers’ requirements.


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