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As has been noted, remote monitoring on PLCs is common to the industrial automation in the plant. However, the factory could be located anywhere in the world and leaves many difficulties of management of the large scale of PLCs. Hence, to make that problem a thing of the past, Milesight, with the use of UR72 industrial cellular router, offers an intelligent solution to help LUOVA Technologies reduce the production cost, decrease in part cycle time, and improve quality and reliability.

Download (PDF): Internet Connection on Remote Monitoring for PLCs 



Firstly, our client uses 2 units of Milesight UR72 industrial cellular router respectively as a MilesightVPN server and a MilesightVPN client. Secondly, the one as MilesightVPN client is connected to Ethernet port of a programmable logic controller. As soon as a MilesightVPN environment is established, engineers working in the office can access the system securely. Also, they can find no trouble controlling the programmable logic controller anytime.

By applying the application to modern control networks, data collection over great distances is no longer a problem. Because special events, faults, and alarms are definitely under control. Hence, remote monitoring on PLC is truly trending.

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