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Through Advanced Monitoring and Automation with X5 Sensing Camera

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Berlin, Germany

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Smart Agriculture, Greenhouse Plantation

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Traditional farming methods have gradually evolved into more sophisticated and technology-driven practices. Among these advancements, smart greenhouses have emerged as a revolutionary solution to optimize agricultural productivity.

A smart greenhouse integrates various technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced sensor networks to create an automated and controlled environment for plant growth. These systems monitor and regulate critical factors like temperature, humidity, light, and soil conditions, ensuring optimal growing conditions and minimizing human intervention.

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Continuous Data Capture

Cameras are used to capture images for
multiple growing seasons sometimes even
years. Throughout this time the cameras need
to continuously work without downtime,
provide high quality images, and be resistent
to the forces of nature due to the highly humid
and wet application area.

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Rural & Remote Deployments

The cameras are installed in remote locations
where they need to be able to operate without
problems or possibility of repair. They are the only
stream of incoming data on which everything is
built so the solution needs to be robust.

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Product Longevity

The cameras are placed in environments with a lot
of industrial activity, meaning they need to be well
constructed, protected against theft, and be
versatile as it is entirely possible the cameras are
used in multiple locations over their lifetime.


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X5 Sensing Camera

IoT Platform

Food production is getting more sophisticated as the demand for food continues to increase world wide. One area that shows a lot of promise to take horticulture to the next level is the gathering of data. Data can be used to optimise energy usage, grow higher quality produce, and allow farmers to focus on more important things. Currently the best way to do this is to gather images of the plants on a daily basis to see how plants are growing and train large computer models. This allows us to to better steer plant growth and allow for the scaling of food production to keep up with the continuously rising demand.

For this Milesight cameras are placed throughout the growing area to take pictures of the plants every 4 hours. These pictures are then used to make a forecast of plant production, look for diseases and count fruits and flowers.

The partner provide a yield/harvest forecast for commercial food producers so they know how much food they are able to grow weeks in advance. With this information they are better able to allocate resources, use energy and labour more efficiently, and prevent diseases from disrupting food production. This is done by using computer vision and large computer models that know everything there is to know about how plants grow, these are combined in an easy to use dashboard where growers can power their entire greenhouse. We also allow our models to be used by individual consumers who want to see how healthy their plants are, how many fruits and flowers they have, and how long it will take for their fruit to be ripe.

Milesight cameras take pictures every 4 hours on a semi-random schedule, these pictures are then posted to the cloud where they are analysed by the machine learning model. The pictures are posted to a secure server through the use of M2M sim cards and the firmware is optimised for this specific application.

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Using images and machine learning we are able to increase resource efficiency by 30% and get to a forecasting efficiency of around ~90%. This will allow fewer people to grow more food using
less resources in harsher climates. Using images and computer vision we can give back time to growers to focus on creating the best possible plants and handle the gowing labour shortage
problem at the same time.

Improved Monitoring

Real-time data provided by the X5 cameras allowed for continuous monitoring of environmental conditions, reducing the need for manual checks.

Data-Driven Decisions

Detailed analytics helped in making informed decisions regarding crop management, leading to optimized growing conditions.

Enhanced Crop Quality

Consistent environmental conditions resulted in uniform crop growth and improved overall quality.

Increased Yield

The overall yield of the greenhouse improved due to better-managed growing conditions.

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Why Choose Milesight

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Milesight was chosen because of its durability, 4G connectivity, IP67 design, remote camera access, and extended battery life.

"Scaling just becomes so much easier" - Patrick Kleppi (ECF Farming Systems)

"Using Milesight allows me to decrease my deployment time by as much as 50%" - Ties van der Linden (hexafarms)

Milesight Partner

About hexafarms GmbH

Commercial good producers lose more than 30% of their resources due to a lack of operational inisghts from their production systems and underoptimised business practices.

We bridge the gap between sensing, plant biology, and realtime maket needs to ensure our customers get the most out of their operations and provide them with highly accurate yield forecasts.

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