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Grid modernization can deliver quantities of zero-to low-carbon electricity reliably and securely. A smart power grid is an electrical grid that includes a variety of operation and energy measures ranging from meters to controllers for data collection. Operators rely heavily on the timely data report that collected from the dispersed controllers and the IP cameras to make the right decision during the remote monitor powring of line status, threshold warning, and fault location for smart grid operation. In this scenario, the UR32 cellular router is widely used to minimize the cost of downtime and bring distributed sites online faster.



Smart grid technology can help you achieve the effective management and distribution of renewable energy sources. Milesight UR32 cellular router is designed to deliver reliable LTE connectivity to any remote location or hazardous environment.


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   UR32 Router (PoE /RS485)

This router is favored in the Smart Grids architectures, in particular in the smart cities. It also provides services for the street lights, traffic lights applications, repower of electric cars, the electricity in buildings, and all the other electric applications.


Recently, Milesight cooperated with The State Grid Corporation of China to fulfill a smart grid project successfully. The RS485 controllers, IP cameras, and Milesight cellular routers are working smoothly with smart meters and other devices in this solution. Because these devices have multiple LAN connection options – such as RS232 and RS485 –, a variety of WAN connection options (4G/3G and Ethernet) and even PLC connection options, it means the devices can work as a PLC base node while also providing advanced communications.

From the below topology we can see, when an abnormal situation occurs, such as the solar panel energy storage, the controller will forward the data to the cellular router via the serial port RS485. The RS485 serial port on the UR32 cellular router connects with a controller through Modbus that allows for the conversion of the legacy protocol.

Since those devices are deployed in remote areas, for the sake of the entire communications network and protect them from all kinds of attacks, they are fully supporting the most advanced security protocols, such as OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, DMVPN, GRE, etc.

Operators are able to receive alerts and make responses expeditiously depending on the accurate data that transferred from the router when the abnormal situation arose from the lines. And through the PoE interface, the UR32 router provides an out-of-the-box, secure, managed LTE network for the connected IP camera.

As a big quantity of these devices is required in the smart grid project, customer needs a user-friendly management tool or platform to greatly simplify the tasks of remote managing them, that's the way the Milesight DeviceHub is free provided for the customer.

Here, the UR32 cellular router works as a cellular data packet forwarder and delivers all information to the monitoring center via a 4G LTE cellular network.

This solution is efficient inline fault detection & location, threshold warning, reducing power outages and costs.


About State Grid Corporation of China

The State Grid Corporation of China, commonly known as the State Grid, is the state-owned electric utility monopoly of China. It is the largest utility company in the world, and as of 2019, the world's fifth largest company overall by revenue.

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