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As cities around the world continue to develop and implement smart city solutions, there is an increasing number of devices being deployed. These can be the installation of smart street light poles equipped with cameras, sensors, and data transmission networks that can adjust the brightness of lights, detect air and noise, monitor traffic and environment, and help visitors find free parking spaces, etc. LoRaWAN® sensors are the preferred choice for environmental monitoring due to its reliability, ease of deployment, and low cost. Industrial grade cellular routers are the optimal choice for the data forwarding from cameras and sensors to remote monitoring center wirelessly. Those smart devices are being deployed to combine the concepts of good governance, economy-friendly, and sustainable development together for an intelligent city.


So far, there’s no clear definition of what is the Internet of Things (IoT). But to put it simply, the IoT is a network in which things are connected and can communicate with each other. So connecting all things to the Internet and perceiving the environment, and then through various wired or wireless networks to deliver data reliably, and finally process it to create value-added services, thus make the city more convenient to live in, which is we are pursuing from IoT.



Some cities have implemented LoRa technology in their strategies to address the challenges associated with solid waste management, air pollution monitoring, addressing traffic congestion, and taking public safety-related decisions.

Infracomms – our Singaporean partner – has developed a solution that enables the rapid deployment and scaling of smart cities. Their SmartHub solution is a purpose-built enclosure box system that has cellular, LoRaWAN®, and even back-haul capabilities built-in. It uses Milesight’s UG85 as a LoRaWAN® gateway to collect sensor data, as well as UR35 to provide cellular backhaul as well as a PoE device for CCTV cameras. This allows for real-time big data collection of traffic monitoring from cameras via the cellular network, and small data transmissions of environment sensors via the LoRa network.

In this application, several legacy environmental monitoring sensors are connected to the UC11-N1 Sensor Node in a street light pole and they send the data collected to the UG85 LoRaWAN Gateway. The optional solar panel for the UC11-N1 charges battery of the sensor node which in turn provides power to the sensors as well. This makes it easy to deploy sensors that need no change of batteries as well. The UR35 cellular router provides electrical power to the UG85 and cameras via the PoE interface. It also acts as an Internet access point for both the UG85 LoRaWAN Gateway as well as the camera which allows operators to access data from the devices remotely.



The improvements in managing transportation, lighting, and public facilities in Barcelona that are often seen in news headlines. It gives us a glimpse of the future that how tech-savvy cities will be managed. Japan has also launched a smart country program and implemented the pow supply system for IoT. Cameras and sensors installed in almost every corner of the city that can distinguish smokers in smoking prohibited areas or people wandering among high-rise buildings.

Authorities can monitor the quality of air, crowd density, cleanliness of public places, and even track the precise movement of all registered vehicles. These data are entered into an online platform, which can help authorities understand how the city works in real-time.

Get Perfect Coexistence of High-bandwidth and Low-bandwidth Data Transmission in an intelligent city solution.

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About Infracomms

Infracomms is a communication infrastructure supply chain specialist that has many years of experience in supplying and deploying copper connectivity solutions, fiber optics connectivity solutions, and advanced coverage for indoor and outdoor environments.

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