Under Milesight rebranding, with IoT-based insights and years long experience of surveillance industry, we have precipitated market driven technologies, like 5G, AI, IoT transmission and comprehensive AIoT solution. The complexity of security, connectivity, and communications can be integrated into AIoT intelligence to build a safer, smarter, and more connected world.

Join in this webinar to exchange views of AIoT industry and explore what's new related to Milesight AIoT technologies!

Explore Next Generation of Mighty AIoT Solution


Accelerated, Connected and Efficient Solution

Milesight Smart Remote Management Solution
  • For Installer/Technician: Reduce On-site Visits & Solve Site Issues Efficiently
  • For End User: One-Click Batch Search and Easy Operation
  • Comprehensive Remote Configuration and Maintenance Solution
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aiot cam

Next Smarter Surveillance Frontier

Milesight 5G AIoT Camera
  • Embedded AIoT Technology
  • LoRa Outstanding Performance
  • Built-in LoRaWAN® Network Server
  • Empowered by 5G and AI Technology

More Connected, Smarter LoRaWAN®


A Masterpiece, Mini Sized

UG63 Mini LoRaWAN® Gateway *Coming Soon
  • Massive Connectivity
  • Blind Spot Coverage
  • Gateway Fleet
  • Listen Before Talk

Control Field Devices Simultaneously

UC300 IoT Controller *Coming Soon
  • Rich Industrial Interfaces
  • Intelligent Trigger System
  • Autonomous Operation
  • Flexible Cloud Integration

Widening Your Focus with More Insights

Milesight IoT Cloud
  • Visualization
  • Monitoring & Control
  • Alerts
  • Security & Reliability
active2 UG63 UG63 + Milesight IoT Cloud Pro1 UG63 + Milesight IoT Cloud Pro1 + UC300

Webinar Agenda


Webinar Calendar

DateTimeRecommended Time Zone
Tue,March 19AM Beijing (UTC+8)APACRegister
Wed, March 29PM Beijing (UTC+8)EMEARegister
Thu, March 34PM Beijing (UTC+8)EMEA / APACRegister

*Key topics of above sessions are the same. Please select a session at your convenience.

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