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With our robust and powerful VMS software development, we're opening up a world of new application possibilities. We're thrilled to introduce new products in this campaign that could seamlessly work with Milesight VMS Enterprise to accomplish much more.

What's New About Milesight VMS Solution


AI Box


All-in-one VMS Appliance

36 ch vms

Standalone Appliance, Scalable Growth

Milesight All-in-one VMS Appliance

vms icon1

VMS Server and Client Inside

With the embedded VMS system, providing all-in-one functionality and ready-to-go installation.

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36-CH HD Video Input

On-client decoding capability ensures the cost-effective and one-stop video management.

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Future Scalability

Allows your system to grow and expand with the scalable storage, AI functions, E-map, video wall and more.

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Flexible Application

Supported to be standalone or distributed installation as your need.

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Small Box, Big AI Power

Milesight AI Box

ai box

30+ Al Features & 99% Accuracy

perfectly integrated with vms

Perfectly Integrated with Milesight VMS Enterprise

With the integration of Milesight VMS, it is possible to achieve streamlining of event setting, action triggering, alarm management, and other functions on Milesight VMS.

http event

Push HTTP Notification to 3rd Party Platform

When it comes to AI Box compatibility, the alarm data including event snapshots and analyzed results, can be transferred to a third-party platform via HTTP.


Standalone Possibility (Coming Soon)

Cameras could be connected to the AI Box via Onvif/RTSP and then be empowered with AI features and get the analyzed results.

3 Flexible Ways to Utilize It

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