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Infinite AI Applications, One Smart Box

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  • 8-CH Model
  • Closed-loop Solution with Milesight VMS Enterprise
  • Diverse and Enriched AI Algorithms
  • High-efficiency AI Computing for Existing System
  • 99% High Accuracy Rate

Unleash AI Power in One Box!


Small Box, Big AI Power

Milesight AI Box is an edge AI computing product, that empowers your system with unparalleled AI video analytics capabilities. Seamlessly integrating with cameras, it provides a standalone solution for comprehensive video analysis. Additionally, the deep integration with Milesight VMS Enterprise is offering for a truly unified experience, while it also effortlessly transfers analyzed results to third-party VMS or NVR through HTTP.

Fall Detection

The Fall Detection feature of the AI Box is designed to help prevent serious injuries from falls. Whether there is an elderly family member living alone or a child who loves to climb, this feature can provide peace of mind and be notified if a fall occurs.


Milesight AI Box accurately identifies key human body and facial attributes such as gender, clothing color, hair style and so on. Using advanced algorithms, it could achieve face matching, human identification, attributes search and other applications.

Various AI Algorithms
Packed into One

  • Over-crowd Management

  • Perimeter Alert Management

  • Behavioral Alert Management

  • Object Management

The Milesight AI Box offers a high-efficiency solution for a wide range of AI applications with more than 30 AI features, including perimeter alert, behavioral alert, over-crowd management, and object management.

over crowd management

Regional People Counting,
Entrance & Exit People Counting.

perimeter alert

Tripwire, Intrusion, Park, Exit,
Wander and Over Wall Detection.

behavioral alert

Fall, Smoke, Call, Watch Phone, Run, Sleep
Detection, etc.

object management

Sundry Detect, Goods Forget, Goods Guard.

perfectly integration with vms
ai box http
ai box standalone

Transform System
with AI Solution Suite

1Perfectly Integrated in Milesight VMS Enterprise

With the AI Box and cameras connected to Milesight VMS Enterprise, users can select video channels for analysis. AI Box automatically analyzes the chosen channels and transmits the results, triggering alarms back to Milesight VMS Enterprise. This seamless integration allows users to perform the event settings, alarm triggering, alarm management, and further investigation within a unified VMS.

2Push HTTP Notification to 3rd Party Platform

When it comes to AI Box compatibility, the alarm data including event snapshots and analyzed results, can be transferred to a third-party platform via HTTP.

3Standalone Possibility

Cameras could be connected to the AI Box via Onvif/RTSP and then be empowered with AI features and get the analyzed results.

Trust in 99% Accuracy Rate

With the R&D capability, Milesight AI Box boasts an impressive accuracy rate of over 99% which provides peace of mind that real-time video stream being analyzed with precision and reliability.

limited free license

Free License

Milesight AI Box has 8-CH connectivity and can be seamlessly and freely integrated with Milesight VMS Enterprise for centralized management without requiring an extra license, which means users do not need to worry about additional expenses from devices connection costs or recurring licenses.

Quick Setup & Easy Connection

It only takes a few minutes to add the AI Box as an analytics server to Milesight VMS Enterprise by entering the necessary information such as the AI Box's IP address, user name, and password. Then all you have to do is select the camera to be analyzed and set the event rules.

quick setup

Versatile Interfaces

A whole array of ports provides all necessary features of effective surveillance.

versatile interfaces
  • 1. Audio input and output
  • 2. Alarm input and output
  • 3. RS485
  • 4. Grounding connection cable
  • 5. LAN
  • 6. WAN
  • 7. HDMI
  • 8. USB
  • 9. Power
  • 10. Reset

Device Connection Topology

device connection topology


System Parameters
Main ProcessorHigh-performance embedded microprocessors
Operating SystemEmbedded Linux
Device Access
Video Stream InputVideo Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (1080P), 2560 x 1440 (4MP), 3840 x 2160 (8MP)
Video Decoding TypeH.264/H.265
Smart Functions
Face-Human & RecognitionFace-Human & Recognition: (full load maximum 8 channels): face capture, face recognition, face attributes, human body capture, human attributes, face-person binding.
Structure AnalysisStructure Analysis: (full load max 8 channels):
Image capture: face, human body, motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle
Attribute output: face, human body, motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle
Association relationship: face-person binding, person-non-motor vehicle binding
Diagnosis_AlarmDiagnosis_Alarm: (full load maximum 8 channels): Image_Cover_Alert
Perimeter_AlarmPerimeter_Alarm (fully loaded 8 channels, 4 sub-rules per channel): Park, Exit, Wander, Over_Wall, Intrusion, Tripwire, Climb
Behavioral_AlarmBehavioral_Alarm (fully loaded 8 channels, 4 sub-rules per channel): Fall, Smoke, Call, Watch Phone, Run, Sleep, On/Off Duty, Gather, Fight, Person_Over, Person_Less, Hold_Weapon
Goods_AlarmGoods_Alarm (fully loaded 8 channels, 2 sub-rules per channel): Sundry_Stack, Goods_Guard, Goods_Forget
Headcount_AlarmHeadcount_Alarm (fully loaded 8 channels, 2 sub-rules per channel): Head_Count, Cross_Line
ReportSupport face capture, face recognition, face attributes, human body, motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle attributes, and alert alarm analysis results reporting.
AccuracyFace: face capture rate ≥ 99%, false capture rate < 1%, recognition pass rate: >99.5%, recognition false rate: < 0.5%.
Human body: human body capture rate ≥ 95%, false catch rate < 1%.
Motor vehicle: motor vehicle capture rate ≥ 90%, false catch rate < 1%.
Non-motor vehicle: non-motor vehicle capture rate ≥ 95%, false catch rate < 1%.
Interface Parameters
Network Interface2, 100M/1000M adaptive Ethernet, RJ45 interface
Alarm Input Interface4-way switch
Alarm Output Interface4-way switch
Audio Output1-way
Audio Input1-way
Front USB Interface1 x USB 2.0 and 1 x USB 3.0
Rear USB Interface2 x USB 2.0
Reset Button1
Power Indicator (PWR).1
Run Indicator (RUN).1
System capabilities
Face RecognitionEmployee passage at the entrance; List control and identification of key personnel, alarm, stranger identification, etc.
Face library capacity: 64 face libraries, total 300,000 face pictures.
Video StructuredCapture of face, human body, motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle, etc., attribute analysis.
Dual Network PortsSupports three modes: multiple access setting, load balancing, and primary/standby mode.
Log QueriesIt can query, search and display the capture information of face, human body, motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle.
Environmental requirements
Operating Temperature-30℃ ~ +70℃
Storage Temperature-30℃ ~ +70℃
Relative Humidity10% ~ 90%RH, non-condensing
Power SupplyDC12V±10%, 3.33A
StructureMetal chassis
Dimensions (L/D)229×193×49 (mm)


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