Terms of Service


This Customer Service Agreement contains the terms and conditions that govern your access to and use of the Services (as defined below) and is an agreement between Milesight Development Platform (also referred to as “we”, “us”, or “our”) and you or the entity you represent (“you” or “you”). This Agreement takes effect when you click an “I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” button or check box presented with these terms or, if earlier, when you use any of the Services (the “Effective Date”). You represent to us that you are lawfully able to enter into contracts (e.g., you are not a minor). If you are entering into this Agreement for an entity, such as the company you work for, you represent to us that you have legal authority to bind that entity.

Modification of Terms

Milesight reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, amend or supplement any term or condition of these Terms at any time, with or without notice, by posting such modifications, amendments and/or supplements here. If you continue to use the Services after any such modifications, amendments, or supplements are made, you are then accepting and agreeing to be bound by them.

Service and License Scope

The main function of Milesight Development Platform is to connect, manage, configure, and control Milesight devices. Some features may be enabled or disabled by default, and you can adjust them through Milesight Development Platform. Milesight will continuously enhance and improve the features and services. Due to operational strategies or adjustments, there may be variations in the specific Milesight services available to users in different regions. The actual services provided by Milesight shall prevail.

You may use Milesight Development Platform for non-commercial purposes as guided by Milesight Development Platform. Milesight grants you a personal, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license which is limited to your individual use. You must comply with this agreement, other agreements, instructions, and rules specified by Milesight when using Milesight Development Platform.

Please only access Milesight Development Platform through Milesight's official website or authorized third parties. If you use Milesight Development Platform from an unauthorized third party, Milesight cannot guarantee the normal functioning of Milesight Development Platform and shall not be held responsible for any losses incurred.

You understand and agree that Milesight only provides services related to this agreement. You are responsible for obtaining the necessary equipment, networks (such as personal computers and other devices related to the Internet), and bearing the related costs (such as telephone and Internet charges for internet access).

Account Registration

As a part of the registration process used by Milesight Development Platform for you to create an account to access and use the Services, you must submit certain information as prompted, such as your first name, last name, company name, and email address. You may be prompted to provide additional optional information during setup which is not required to register for an account but may be necessary to provide you with full Services, to provide you with a trial of premium, or other subscription-only services, or that might be helpful to Milesight Development Platform in providing you with a more customized experience. This information could include, for example, payment information.

As part of the registration process, you will create a password that will allow you to log in to the Services. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and for all activities that occur on your account. You agree not to share your password, let others access or use your password, or do anything else that might jeopardize the security of your password. All the information that you provide when registering for an account and otherwise through the Sites and/or the Mobile Apps must be accurate, complete, and up to date. You may change, correct, or remove any information from your account by either logging into your account directly and making the desired changes or contacting Milesight support team - iot.support@milesight.com.

If others are found to use your Milesight Development Platform account and password without the authorization, you shall immediately inform Milesight; Milesight will assist you to freeze your account, change the password or complete other security settings; and you understand that Milesight will need a reasonable time to take the action for your request, and Milesight is not responsible for any consequence existing before Milesight takes the action or any consequence attributed to you (including but not limited to your any loss).

You are required to submit registration information promptly, fully, and accurately, and to continuously update your registration information. You are solely responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy, legality, and validity of the provided information. Milesight shall not be held responsible for any issues arising from inaccurate registration information or unauthorized use of others' identities. If you cause infringement or damage to Milesight or any third party due to your actions, you shall bear the liability for compensation.

You understand and promise that your account name, avatar, and profile information, among other registration details, must not contain unlawful or harmful content. They should not involve impersonation, association, or unauthorized use of relevant organizations or public figures, nor should they infringe upon the legitimate rights of others, such as copyrighted works or trademarks.

Milesight has the right to review the information you submit and decide whether to approve your registration application. If the submitted materials or provided information are incomplete or inaccurate, you may be unable to complete the registration process or may face restrictions in utilizing Milesight Development Platform's full services during usage.

You are responsible for all activities carried out under your account. Milesight shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by yourself or any third party due to your actions. You have the obligation to properly safeguard your account and password, and you must not disclose your account or password information to any third party. If your account or password is used by others or if you suspect any unauthorized access, please notify Milesight immediately to prevent any loss of your interests. You fully understand and agree that any consequences resulting from your own faults (including but not limited to transferring accounts, sharing with others, or personal disclosure) or from your computer or mobile terminal being infected by viruses or malware, leading to leakage, loss, or any other damages related to account passwords, will be solely your responsibility, and Milesight shall not bear any legal liability.

You shall not engage in any transfer, sharing, borrowing, renting, trading, or selling of accounts or similar activities. If you violate this provision, Milesight has the right to suspend the use of the account, notify you for correction, cease services, or even cancel the account based on the circumstances, without assuming any legal liability. You will bear any adverse consequences resulting from such actions.

You must not maliciously register accounts using any means, including but not limited to seeking profit, manipulation, or cashing out. You are also prohibited from misappropriating other users' accounts.

If you discover any illegal use of your account or any security vulnerabilities, you must notify Milesight immediately.

The ownership of Milesight Development Platform account you register belongs to Milesight. Once your registration application is approved, you will be granted the right to use the account. Milesight has the right to take back the account you are using in accordance with legal requirements, regulatory authorities' requests, and operational needs.

If the account name you set violates laws and regulations or Milesight's management rules regarding account names, Milesight has the right to suspend the use of that account, notify you to make corrections, stop providing services, or even cancel the account based on the situation. Milesight shall not assume any legal liability and reserves the right to report the matter to relevant authorities. You will bear any adverse consequences resulting from such actions, including but not limited to communication interruptions, data and content erasure, confiscation of profits, and any other unfavorable outcomes.

Use of Service and Our Content

In order to facilitate your use of Milesight Development Platform service, you understand and accept that Milesight may send various types of notifications, including public announcements, order information, promotional activities, advertisements, etc., to you via email, SMS, phone calls, internal messages, pop-up messages, client push notifications, or other means.

When using a specific service on Milesight Development Platform or adding Milesight devices, there may be separate agreements or relevant business rules. Please read and agree to the respective agreements before using them.

Minors should use Milesight Development Platform under the guidance of their parents and learn to use it correctly. Milesight attaches importance to the protection of personal information of minors. When filling out personal information, underage users should enhance their personal protection awareness, exercise caution, and use Milesight Development Platform and related services correctly under the guidance of a guardian. Underage users understand that if you violate laws, regulations, or the terms of this agreement, you and your guardian shall bear all legal responsibilities that may arise in accordance with the law.

Milesight Development Platform's related services may include paid services or temporarily unpaid services. The specific information announced externally shall prevail. If users use related paid services, they should pay the relevant fees according to the billing standards and methods published on the service page. Milesight reserves the right to charge for relevant services, change the charging standards and methods; if the related services are changed from free to paid services, appropriate notice will be given, and users can choose to accept or refuse paid services. Users guarantee that when using paid services, they will pay the fees in accordance with Milesight's relevant charging regulations. If payment is refused or fees are overdue, Milesight has the right to suspend the services and pursue recovery or claim compensation in accordance with the law.

When using Milesight Development Platform and its services, you must comply with applicable laws and regulations of the respective countries. You should abide by public order, respect social ethics, refrain from harming network security, not engage in activities that endanger national security, honor, and interests, incite subversion of state power, overthrow the socialist system, incite separatism, destroy national unity, promote terrorism, extremism, ethnic hatred, and discrimination, spread violent or obscene content, fabricate, disseminate false information to disrupt economic and social order, and engage in activities that infringe upon the reputation, privacy, intellectual property, and other legitimate rights and interests of others. In any case, if Milesight reasonably believes that you have engaged in such behaviors, it may terminate its services to you at any time without prior notice.

You fully understand and agree that you may upload or publish original or legally authorized viewpoints, data, text, information, usernames, images, photos, personal information, links, or other content on Milesight Development Platform and its services. You must ensure that you have the copyright to the information you upload or publish and have obtained legal authorization, and that your use of Milesight Development Platform and its services does not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of any third party.

In the process of using Milesight Development Platform, you must adhere to the following principles:

In order to ensure the normal and lawful operation of Milesight Development Platform and a good experience for Internet users, you shall not engage in the following activities using Milesight Development Platform:

When using Milesight Development Platform, you must comply with laws and regulations and refrain from engaging in illegal or non-compliant activities, including but not limited to the following:

You shall not engage in any activities that harm the security of computer networks or are related to Milesight Development Platform and its services, including but not limited to:

Without prior written permission from Milesight, you are not allowed to, on your own or authorize, permit, or assist any third party to engage in the following actions concerning the content on Milesight Development Platform:

No one may view or acquire any information, data, or other content related to Milesight, Milesight's partners, or users contained in Milesight Development Platform through any third-party software, plugins, add-ons, systems, etc. without Milesight's authorized permission. At the same time, strict compliance with the relevant agreements and rules issued by Milesight is required.

Under no circumstances may anyone inappropriately use any trademarks, service marks, trade names, domain names, website names, brands, and other intellectual property rights and other legal rights of Milesight, associated companies, or Milesight Development Platform without Milesight's prior written consent. You are not allowed to display, use or apply for registration of Milesight and Milesight Development Platform's trademarks, perform domain name registration, or carry out any activities implying or indicating that you have the right to display, use, or otherwise handle Milesight and Milesight Development Platform without written authorization from Milesight. Otherwise, if it causes loss to Milesight or others, you will bear corresponding legal responsibilities.

In order to improve user experience, enhance service security, and ensure consistency of functionality, Milesight has the right to update Milesight Development Platform or change the functionality and effects of the software. After the new version of Milesight Development Platform is released, Milesight will automatically upgrade Milesight Development Platform. Old versions of Milesight Development Platform may become unusable. Milesight does not guarantee the continued availability of old versions of Milesight Development Platform and does not guarantee the provision of corresponding customer service and maintenance services for old versions of Milesight Development Platform.

For the use of Milesight Development Platform on non-designated sites, it cannot be guaranteed whether the site is infected with computer viruses, whether it contains disguised Trojan horse programs or hacker software. In this case, unpredictable risks may arise, so it is recommended to use the sites you trusted, and Milesight will not assume any legal liability arising therefrom.

User Experience Improvement Program: In order to improve the user experience of the product, Milesight may statistically analyze the usage of various functions of the product as needed. These statistics generally include the frequency of use of each function. Analyzing statistical data can improve product quality and introduce innovative security services that are helpful to users. The statistics only pertain to the content of Milesight's own products and do not involve personal user data. The statistical method is visiting a page on Milesight's server, and the occurrence frequency of the mentioned actions is counted based on the number of visits to that page.

Program Error Log Reporting: When unexpected errors or crashes occur in our programs, an error log will be automatically generated. As part of our efforts to improve product quality, Milesight Development Platform may, if necessary, report error logs to Milesight Security Center to identify the causes of program errors or crashes. When requesting users to submit error logs, Milesight Development Platform will ask for their consent. If users agree to report, Milesight Development Platform will submit the error logs to Milesight Security Center. If users decline, no reporting will take place. Error logs consist of operational information recorded by Milesight programs when errors or crashes occur and solely contain error information related to the programs themselves, without any user personal data involved.

If you no longer wish to use Milesight Development Platform, you may choose to delete your account on your own.

You agree to promptly notify Milesight if you discover any content on Milesight Development Platform that violates legal regulations or the provisions of this agreement. If you find that your personal information has been stolen or your copyright or other rights have been infringed upon, please inform Milesight of the situation and file a complaint following the published complaint guidelines. Milesight will assist with the necessary actions upon receiving the information.

Third-Party Functionality and Service Descriptions

In order to provide you with higher quality and secure services, Milesight may recommend third-party products or websites for your use. However, the decision to use them is entirely up to you, and caution is advised. Links to other websites or resources contained in Milesight Development Platform are beyond the control, review, or modification of Milesight in terms of their content, privacy policies, and activities. Unless explicitly required by law, Milesight generally does not assume responsibility for the services or content provided by linked websites on Milesight Development Platform. Before leaving Milesight Development Platform and accessing other websites or resources, we advise you to carefully read their terms of service and privacy policies.

While providing services to you, Milesight may display information releases, brand promotion services, or other forms of advertisements. By using Milesight Development Platform, you agree to the display of advertisements or commercial information from Milesight and/or third parties. However, please exercise judgment and caution when interacting with advertised content. Milesight does not provide any guarantee or commitment regarding goods or services offered by third parties other than Milesight, and Milesight will not be held liable for any disputes that may arise.

You understand and accept that Milesight or third parties authorized by you may send or display advertisements or other information (including commercial and non-commercial content) to you through various means such as SMS, email, or electronic messages. The specific form, frequency, and content of these advertisements or information are subject to actual provision by Milesight. Regarding advertisements that appear on Milesight Development Platform, you should exercise discretion in assessing their authenticity and reliability. Except where explicitly required by law, you are responsible for any actions taken based on such advertisements.

To enhance your user experience and provide better services, Milesight may display relevant information about third-party services on Milesight Development Platform or provide links to access third-party services. In such cases, please note that Milesight does not participate in the operation of third-party services, and Milesight does not provide any guarantees or commitments regarding third-party services or products. Any disputes that may arise are unrelated to Milesight, and you should contact the third-party service provider directly and resolve them through negotiation.

When using third-party products or services during your interaction with Milesight Development Platform, you should comply with the respective user agreements of those third parties, in addition to abiding by the terms of this agreement. Milesight and the third parties involved assume responsibilities for potential disputes in accordance with legal regulations and agreed-upon terms.

Freezing / Suspension of Account

Violation of this Agreement, relevant rules and practices of Milesight website, service instructions or other service agreement/provisions;
Violation of the national laws, regulations, policies, and legal instruments.

Your Privacy and Personal Data

Milesight will not use, modify, duplicate, disclose, alter, spread, issue or publish your achievements of intellectual property without your consent.

Milesight promises to keep the information which is provided or informed during your registration of account or use of Milesight Development Platform services confidential, and will not disclose your information to any third party, unless:

Rights Statement

All intellectual property rights related to Milesight Development Platform, including but not limited to software used for providing services, and all information content such as textual expressions and combinations, icons, graphics, images, charts, colors, interface designs, layout frameworks, relevant data, additional programs, printed materials, or electronic documents, belong to the respective copyright holders and are protected by copyright laws, international copyright treaties, and other intellectual property laws and regulations.

The non-user-provided content contained in Milesight Development Platform and services is protected by relevant international copyright conventions, agreements, applicable national copyright laws, trademark laws, patent laws, and other related laws and regulations. Without the consent of Milesight or the relevant rights holders, you may not use it for any commercial or non-commercial purposes, and if you do so, you will bear legal responsibilities.

You shall use Milesight Development Platform in compliance with laws, regulations, and this agreement. You are prohibited from engaging in the following activities:

Prohibition of Reverse Engineering, Decompilation, and Disassembly: You may not engage in reverse engineering, decompilation, or disassembly of Milesight Development Platform or modify any resources compiled within the program files. Except as permitted by explicit provisions of laws and regulations, you must comply with the limitations of this agreement.

Component Separation: Milesight Development Platform is licensed for use as a single product, and you may not separate its various parts (including but not limited to software, electronic documents, copyrights, trademarks, this agreement, and any statements) for any purpose.

Individual Authorization: Without prior written consent and permission from Milesight, you may not engage in any commercial sales, copying, distribution, including but not limited to software sales, pre-installation, bundling, etc.

Reservation of Rights: All other rights not expressly granted in this agreement remain with Milesight, and you must obtain Milesight's written consent when exercising any other rights.

Deletion of Account

If you wish to delete your account, you may do so by accessing and logging in to Milesight account (https://account.milesight.com/account). Please note that in the event that you elect to delete your account, your account will no longer be used and the relevant account information will be deleted, and you will no longer be able to log in and use Milesight product functions and services through your account. After you delete your account, we will stop providing you with the corresponding products (or services) and immediately delete or anonymize your personal information, unless we are required by law and regulations to keep the relevant information.

If you need to delete your account, please follow the procedures and guidelines specified by Milesight. However, please be aware that the deletion of your account does not exempt you from any responsibility you may have during the usage of Milesight Development Platform services. Once the account is deleted, all data, functions, records, and other related information cannot be recovered. Please exercise caution when using the account deletion feature. Moreover, you will bear all responsibilities resulting from the account deletion.

Disclaimer and Limitations of Liability

You acknowledge that you voluntarily choose to use Milesight Development Platform and related services based on your own needs and are fully responsible for any risks and consequences associated with the use of Milesight Development Platform and related services. Milesight does not assume any responsibility for such risks and consequences.

The services provided by Milesight Development Platform are provided on an "as is" basis, using existing technology and conditions. While Milesight will make every effort to ensure the continuity and security of the services, Milesight cannot foresee and prevent legal, technological, and other risks at all times. Milesight disclaims liability within the extent permitted by law for risks such as force majeure, viruses, malware, hacker attacks, system instability, defects in third-party services, government actions, which may cause service interruptions, data loss, and other losses and risks.

Milesight does not guarantee that the network services will meet your requirements, and makes no guarantees regarding the timeliness, security, or accuracy of the network services. You are responsible for exercising judgment when encountering potentially illegal, unethical, incorrect, or inappropriate information or misleading and deceptive content. In no event shall Milesight be liable for any loss or damage caused by any information, including but not limited to any errors or omissions, or the use of information published, private messages, communications, or other means through Milesight Development Platform.

Milesight is responsible for providing you with the services of Milesight Development Platform. Except as otherwise agreed, Milesight does not make any express or implied warranties regarding the services, including but not limited to their applicability, absence of errors or omissions, continuity, accuracy, reliability, suitability for a particular purpose. Furthermore, Milesight does not make any commitments or warranties regarding the effectiveness, accuracy, correctness, reliability, stability, completeness, and timeliness of the technologies and information involved in the services of Milesight Development Platform.

Milesight does not guarantee the accuracy, validity, and completeness of external links, nor can it guarantee that linked addresses can be accessed or that linked pages or content can be successfully visited. Milesight assumes no responsibility for any contents on web pages, software, players, and resources controlled by entities other than Milesight that are referred to by external links.

Milesight Development Platform has undergone detailed testing but cannot guarantee full compatibility with all hardware and software systems, nor can it guarantee the absence of errors. If compatibility issues or software errors occur, you can contact Milesight for support.

When using Milesight Development Platform or requesting specific services from Milesight, Milesight Development Platform may call upon third-party systems to support your use or access. The results of such use or access are provided by the third party, and Milesight does not guarantee the security, accuracy, effectiveness, or other uncertain risks arising from the results achieved through third-party system support. Milesight bears no responsibility for any disputes or damages arising from this.

You understand and agree that during the use of Milesight Development Platform's services, you may encounter risks due to factors beyond control, such as force majeure, which may affect the provision of Milesight Development Platform's services. Force majeure refers to objective events that cannot be foreseen, overcome, avoided, and have a significant impact on one or both parties, including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, epidemics, and storms, as well as social events like war, unrest, and government actions. Given the nature of the Internet, force majeure also includes circumstances affecting the normal operation of the Internet, such as hacker attacks, major impacts caused by telecommunications sector technical adjustments, temporary closures due to government regulation, virus intrusion, etc. In the event of such circumstances, Milesight will make efforts to cooperate with relevant units and strive for timely resolution. Milesight is not liable for any losses incurred as a result.

You understand and agree that while using Milesight Development Platform, you may encounter risks associated with network information or other user behavior, for which Milesight is not responsible for the authenticity, applicability, or legality of any information, nor is it responsible for any damages caused by infringement acts. These risks include but are not limited to:

Within the limits permitted by law, Milesight shall not be held liable for service interruptions or impediments caused by the following circumstances:

Milesight shall not be responsible for the deletion or storage failure of your relevant data within Milesight Development Platform. Please ensure to back up the information content when posting. Milesight reserves the right to determine the maximum storage period of the content and allocate the maximum storage space on the server based on the actual situation. It is your responsibility to back up the relevant data within Milesight Development Platform according to your own needs.

You understand and agree that Milesight has the right to temporarily or permanently suspend partial or all services of Milesight Development Platform at any time and without any liability, based on changes in relevant laws and regulations, as well as the company's operating status and strategies. Therefore, you will not hold Milesight accountable for such actions.

Breach of Contract and Compensation

In the event that you violate the provisions of this Agreement or Milesight detects abnormal use of the services, Milesight has the right to take measures including but not limited to suspending the use license, ceasing the provision of services, restricting usage, and pursuing legal actions. If you violate laws and regulations, this Agreement, and/or other agreements or rules of Milesight, and any action or measure taken by Milesight in relation to your use of Milesight Development Platform services results in temporary or permanent inability to access Milesight Development Platform services or causes losses, you shall bear the responsibility yourself.

Milesight shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential, punitive, incidental, special, or criminal damages, or for damages or risks arising from the use or inability to use Milesight Development Platform, including but not limited to direct or indirect personal injury, loss of business profits, trade interruptions, loss of commercial information, or any other economic loss. Milesight disclaims any responsibility.

You understand and agree that if Milesight discovers on its own or based on information from relevant departments or complaints from rights holders that you may be infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of others, Milesight has the right to independently assess whether you are indeed infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of others based on common understanding. If Milesight determines that you have infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of others, Milesight has the right to unilaterally take one or more of the following measures at any time:

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

The validity, interpretation, modification, execution and dispute settlement of this Agreement are subject to laws of the People's Republic of China. Any dispute arising from this Agreement shall be settled by both parties through friendly negotiation. If such negotiation fails, the parties may file lawsuits to the people's court at the place where this agreement is signed. The Agreement is signed in Building C09, Software Park Phase III, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, People's Republic of China.

If you are concluding this Agreement with Xiamen Milesight IoT Co., Ltd. you agree that the establishment, jurisdiction, and interpretation of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. You agree that this Agreement is signed in Building C09, Software Park Phase III, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, People's Republic of China. Any and all disputes, compensation claims, and causes of action arising out of or in relation to performing this Agreement or receiving Milesight Development Platform services under this Agreement shall be resolved in the court with jurisdiction over the place where this Agreement is signed.


Under this Agreement, Milesight may deliver all notifications to you through methods such as internal announcements, internal links, emails, SMS messages, or regular mail. Such notifications shall be considered delivered to you on the date of sending.

In the event of any disputes arising from your actions on Milesight Development Platform, you agree that Milesight and judicial authorities may deliver complaint documents and legal instruments (including but not limited to litigation documents) to you via modern communication methods such as SMS messages, emails, or by postal mail. The contact information for receiving legal instruments shall be the mobile phone number and email address you provided when registering or updating on Milesight Development Platform. Delivery of complaint documents and legal instruments by Milesight or the judicial authorities to the aforementioned contact information shall be deemed as successful delivery. The designated mailing address shall be your legal contact address or the valid contact address you provided.

You agree that judicial authorities can use one or more of the above-mentioned delivery methods in accordance with procedural laws to deliver legal instruments to you. If judicial authorities use multiple delivery methods, the earliest date of delivery among the aforementioned methods shall prevail.

You are responsible for ensuring that the contact information you provide is accurate and valid, and for updating it in a timely manner. If the provided contact information is inaccurate or if you fail to inform of any changes to the contact information in a timely manner, resulting in the failure or delayed delivery of legal instruments, you shall bear any legal consequences that may arise from it.


If any provision of this Agreement is determined to be wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason, or in violation of any applicable law, that provision shall be deemed deleted, but the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding.

Milesight has the right to modify this Agreement at any time based on changes in relevant laws and regulations, as well as the company's operating status and strategies. The modified Agreement will be promptly announced and included in the new version of Milesight Development Platform. In the event of any disputes, the latest version of the Agreement shall prevail. If you do not agree with the modified content, you may voluntarily cancel your Milesight Development Platform account. If you continue to use Milesight Development Platform, it will be deemed that you accept the changes to this Agreement.

Milesight has the right to transfer all rights and obligations under this Agreement to affiliated parties without your prior consent, and Milesight will notify you of such transfer through reasonable means such as announcements.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding these Terms of Service, please contact iot.support@milesight.com. If you have any other questions, contact information is available at the Contact Us page on the Site.

Posted on 23 January 2024

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