Case Study


Organization: Bank Melli Iran Location: Khorasan Razavi, Iran Industry Segment: Banking and finance Milesight Partner: Kankash
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Bank Melli Iran is the first national Iranian bank which was established in 1927 by the order of the Iranian Parliament and since then has consistently been one of the most influential Iranian bank. The bank boasts to have the largest number of branches in the country, say, more than 200 branches is in Khorasan Razavi province.


As the largest and major bank in Iran, Melli Bank see the safety and security of their customers and staff as the highest priortiy, together with the assets. The bank is commited to ongoing improvement of its approach to any security issues by fortifying its security defense system eliminating blind spots and making it possible to immediately control and resolve any incident on and outside its premises. Only proactive deterrence and prevention mechanisms can ensure the best banking service quality.


Bank Melli Iran deployed 255 PCS Milesight MS-C3366-FPNA and 47 PCS MS-C3587-PA network cameras in 12 branches with 6 PCS IPcoder 16 CH and 9 PCS 24 CH NVR. MS-C3366-FPNA network cameras were mostly installed in both indoor and outdoor areas such as counters, the client waiting areas, archive rooms and parking lot, while MS-C3587-PA is a perfect choice for minor areas such as undergound corridors and safes.

There are two reasons why Milesight MS-C3366-FPNA network camera was chosed. The first one is that MS-C3366-FPNA is a 3MP Remote Focus and Zoom IR Pro Bullet Camera whose motorized lens is very useful while setting viewing angle, making the installtion steps much easier. Second, equipped with Ambrella chipset, MS-C3366 has excellent low-light performance which can produce clear colored image in dim, enabling a smooth transition between bright and dark environment.

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MS-C3587-PA is a 3MP IR Mini Dome whose dimensions is only Φ106.7mm*46.1mm. It is surprisingly small yet with versatile functions via exquisite and compact design, delivering “WOW” experience. Especially, by incorporating with 1/2.5” progressive scan CMOS, the mini dome could offer wider viewing angle, providing image coverage in 95 degree.

To record and manage the videos, IPcorder 16 CH and 24 CH NVR were used. Because the compatibility between the two brands, the devices interoperate with each other well, making a robust IP video surveillance solution to safeguard the bank.


The installed camera system provided Bank Melli Iran's branches with an economical, user-friendly and simple video surveillance solution. With the newly deployed Milesight network cameras, the bank is able to immediately resolve any security and customer service issue by effective deterrence and prevention before anyone or anything suspicious poses real risks, and additionally providing necessary support to related departments. The high resolution of Milesight network cameras also provides effective evidence to facilitate dispute and issue resolution.