Case Study

Milesight Safeguards Çankırı New Government Office to Guarantee the Best Government Value

Integrated Milesight Solution Strongly Protects the State House of Çankırı

Milesight Mini Bullet Network Camera safeguards Çankırı New Government Office
Organization: Çankırı New Government Office Location: Çankırı, Turkey Industry Segment: Government Milesight Partner: HAN ELEKTRONİK A.Ş. Related Products: 134 pcs of H.265+ Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera
75 pcs of H.265+ Mini Bullet Network Camera
3 pcs of H.265+ Speed Dome Network Camera
9 pcs of 4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 Series
2 pcs of Milesight Keyboard


223 Milesight devices were employed in the Çankırı New Government Office, the State House of the Çankırı, protecting the office and its assets without having to face unexpected threats.


Located on the Çankırı, the capital city of Çankırı Province, the State House took over 42 million Lira and had lasted for about 4 years to finish building. Being the most famous buildings in the Çankırı and the house of the state governors, the government office attracts the attention of the people, and its security work is particularly important.

Milesight Mini Bullet Network Camera secures outside of Çankırı New Government Office


bird's-eye view of Çankırı New Government Office

Çankırı New Government Office covers a huge area of 70,000 square meters. With complete infrastructure facility and fiber system, the government office consists of 4 main parts including governor's office, H1, H2 and H3. Moreover, two more buildings of social facility and energy substation complicate the efficient management of the security. How to integrate the separated parts and to eliminate potential risks in such a big area? Milesight gave the answer and that's why Milesight solution was chosen.


The government office is now safeguarded by 223 pcs Milesight devices. 212 pcs quality network cameras of different forms and specific performance and 11 pcs efficient management devices of 4K NVR and Milesight keyboard stick to their post to seamlessly secure the buildings, fully guaranteeing the government function to get its best value.

Invulnerable Monitoring with No Threats

Milesight Vandal-proof Mini Dome Camera

The safety and security is a fairly important issue for a government office at all levels. 134 pcs robust H.265+ Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Cameras worked inside of the buildings for the purpose. The future-proof design makes the network cameras well blending in with the interior environment easily. Plus with the IP67&IK10 capability, all the possible threats and risks are erased to ensure the inside security of the building, officials and the assets.

Wide-coverage Monitoring for All-round Safety

The outside environment is also vital especially for the corners which may be overlooked and be the chance for the happening of the possible risks. 78 pcs of H.265+ Mini Bullet Network Cameras and H.265+ Speed Dome Network Cameras brought real-time monitoring for not missing any blind spot, building a strong protective shield inside and out.

Milesight H.265+ Mini Bullet Network CameraMilesight H.265+ Speed Dome Network Camera

Integrated and Efficient Management

The government office covers a huge area of different buildings which are separated. The efficient way to connect all the scattered devices as an integrated system is to build a reliable monitoring room. Applied with Milesight 4K H.265 NVR 8000 Series and Keyboard, the central room can control the situations outside without even a step out immediately. All the possible suspicious movements will be easily detected.

Milesight security system protects Çankırı New Government Office


"We are satisfied with image quality of the solution." Said one of the officials. The service we provided, project support we gave and the quality and stability of the products are proved in a high level. Now the government office is well safeguarded by Milesight solution to keep it from negative influence and possible risks.