Case Study

Take a Deep Breath in the Rain Forest:

Milesight Surveillance System Safeguards Your Vacation in Amor Arenal Hotel

Milesight surveillance solution protects Amor Arenal Hotel for property security
Organization: Amor Arenal Hotel Location: San Carlos, Costa Rica Industry Segment: Hotel Milesight Partner: ESS Electronic Security Solutions
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4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 Series
Milesight PoE Switch


A surveillance system deploying 86 pcs of Milesight products is built up in Amor Arenal Hotel--a 5-star tropical rainforest style resort hotel, guarding 24/7 without missing a corner, in order to provide every tourist with a safe and sound vacation.


Have you ever thought about spending your leisure time in a remote rainforest, with fresh air and a magnificent view of volcano? Located at the foothills of the Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica, being surrounded by a dense rainforest, Amor Arenal Hotel is absolutely the ideal resort hotel for you. The comprehensive facilities and a well-operating surveillance system free you from worries.

Milesight security system safeguards your vacation time at hotel


Being covered in the vast jungle, Amor Arenal Hotel requires a professional and cost-effective surveillance system. The biggest challenge here is the tropical rainforest weather, which requires robust cameras that perform well in the wet air and frequent rainfall.

Part of security system layout for the hotel


After evaluating several products, Milesight's products are chosen because of good quality and exquisite appearance. The whole surveillance system is built-up with Milesight NVRs and 86 pcs of Milesight's cameras. A monitoring room with 4 LED screens manages all the network cameras and watches the whole property, including entrances, services areas and administration offices all the time.

Brilliant Performance in the Rainforest

Foggy day and low light condition are common in the rainforest. Milesight's cameras are highly praised as they produce high image quality regardless of the weather. The strong Defog function, up to 0.001 Lux Starlight and wide coverage Smart IR II support the camera to capture the sharpest image at any time. Apart from the image quality, the quality of the camera is outstanding as well. The application of high-class protecting shield keeps the camera safe from being flushed by the tropical rain.

Milesight security camera give brilliant performance in the Rainforest hotel

Various Camera Choices for a Resort Hotel

Winding paths stretching to the jungle, spa and gym providing full service, restaurant and bar serving delicious specialties...various situations require different types of cameras. Milesight provides both bullet and dome shapes cameras with regular and mini sizes, and PTZ function or panoramic view for some types. Meanwhile, a series of mounting accessories are optional, making the products fit into the environment perfectly.

Milesight Dome cameras, bullet cameras and speed dome cameras safeguard for a Resort Hotel

Cost-effective Integrated Surveillance Solution

For central management and monitoring of all the cameras, Milesight 4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 Series is applied. Up to 80TB hard disk capacity for each NVR ensures the continuous recording. 4K high resolution view clearly presents every detail. Being fully integrated, all the functions of the Milesight cameras can be easily set through the NVRs.

Milesight NVR


After several months of operation, the whole Milesight Surveillance System is proved to be a success. The good performance of the cameras and the integrated management firmly secure the hotel and the tourists. The hotel owner expresses nothing but satisfaction.