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Milesight Surveillance System Guards the Security of Banana Island

Provide a Peaceful Environment for a Multi-national Commercial City


Banana Island Surveillance


Lagos, Nigeria

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Unotelos Limited

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Milesight Surveillance System Guards Banana Island


Banana Island, a high brow estate in the commercial city of Lagos Nigeria, adopts Milesight Integrated Surveillance Solution to improve security on the island by installing cameras at the island's borders and entrances.


Banana Island is an artificial island off the foreshore of Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Its name derives from the curvature of its shape. Completed in 2000, it is a billionaire's paradise inhabited by some of the wealthiest and most prestigious families from all over the world who enjoy a peaceful and serene atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the country's largest city and financial center.

Therefore, a video surveillance system that can monitor the entrance and exit of banana island and the beach boundary in all aspects is needed to meet the high demand for security, tranquility and privacy.

Banana Island


The gusty winds on the shores require sturdy cameras capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. And powerful PTZ function is needed to cover the wide area of the island. Meanwhile, the real-time alarm for suspicious border intrusion is also important for island monitoring.


According to the specific situation of the island, Milesight delivered a complete surveillance solution to provide the security monitoring.

Milesight Speed Dome, Smart Surveillance Solution

High Protection Performance

Supporting IP67-rated weather proofing and IK10-rated vandal proof which is the leading level of the industry, Milesight cameras are well protected against adverse impacts of the rough winds on the island and ensure the reliable performance.

Powerful PTZ Function

Milesight PTZ cameras offer the ability to patrol the borders and zoom in on vehicles or boats over the vast sea island. Moreover, specific PTZ tasks by date and time are supported for all-round surveillance with no blind spots missed out.

Smart VCA Events

With multiple smart VCA embedded, Milesight cameras support full 10 detection modes, which can alert the operator of detected predefined events automatically in real-time, achieving intelligent entrance and exit as well as border management.

Easy-to-use Central Management System

All the Milesight cameras scattered in different places across the island can be connected and converged into one single and central surveillance system, which is easy to understand and utilise for security personnel.


With reliable structure design and advanced functions, Milesight network cameras were very responsive and worked very well, which have helped the security outfit take action before any incidents occur by identifying any miscreants hanging around on the vast island, thus reducing the high rate of theft that occurred via the entry and exit points. Milesight, the loyal guardian who protects Banana Island.

Bullet camera, Speed Dome Camera, Panoramic Camera, PTZ Camera

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