Case Study

A Comprehensive VoIP Security Solution for Cleo County Was Accomplished with Milesight SIP Cameras

cleo county's gate door
Organization: Cleo County Location: Noida, India Industry Segment: Residential Milesight Partner: Cohesive Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Related Products: 18 pcs of Vandal-proof Mini Dome
Network Camera
(MS-C2973-PB/MS-C4473-PB) 19 pcs of Mini Bullet Network Camera (MS-C2963-PB/MS-C4463-PB) 2 pcs of Pro NVR 5000 Series 88 pcs of Grandstream IP Phone (GXP 1165) 2 pcs of Grandstream (UCM6510) 2800 pcs of Grandstream (GXV3275)


Cleo County was eager to have a whole VoIP security solution to keep its residents' safety. In case of any suspicious activities, the surveillance cameras will inform the VoIP phone at once to present what happens over there. Milesight Network Cameras which all feature with SIP functions play its role well in this case.


Cleo County is a luxury residential project in Noida. The project offers 3/4 Bhk residential apartments with a host of other facilities, providing a world full of comfort and elegant living. The Cleo County's highest priority is the safety and security of the people who are living in the area. Therefore, the owner needs the best solution to ensure the security and safety.

the name of cleo county


To call the security personnel and show what happens is what the Cleo County wants, so that they can take actions immediately. The Cleo County prepared lots of Grandstream's VoIP phones and UCM for the solution. Therefore, the ability to work with the VoIP phone is the prior feature of the security cameras.

the inside view of cleo county


Milesight surveillance cameras were chosen because of their compatibility to connect with Grandstream's VoIP phone and UCM. Also the latest innovative features in the cameras help the Cleo County to fulfill its requirements and needs for the entire society which is spread over 25 acres.

Enable Monitoring Anytime and Anywhere

Once an event is triggered, Milesight Network Cameras are able to make a call and transmit the live-view as well as real-time sound to the VoIP telephone. Also when the security personnel want to see or hear what is happening around the county, they can simply dial the IP address of Milesight Network Cameras to find what they want. Apart from watching the surveillance live view, the security personnel are even able to talk to whoever caused the event or triggered the alarm via built-in speaker or external speaker.

Milesight Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera and Mini Bullet Network Camera

Exquisite Design and Extraordinary Functions

The exquisite Milesight style design fitted with the Egyptian architecture of the Cleo County. Also the advanced functions impressed the owner. The latest H.265+ codec save the bandwidth and storage. The superior image quality is ensured by the 4K high resolution, 0.001Lux Starlight, 140dB Super WDR and Smart IR II Technology. The easy installation of 3-Axis design and integrated junction box make the installation as easy as pie.

Milesight CCTV Camera and NVR, Milesight products family


The whole solution is efficiently run by Milesight Network Cameras and NVRs, securing the Cleo County perfectly. The Advanced functions and easy-used SIP functions of Milesight Network Cameras accomplished the comprehensive VoIP security solution for the luxury residential, making the monitory simple and convenient.