Case Study

All-round Protection in Gaziray Railway Stations Offered by Milesight 24/7 Surveillance Solution

Milesight comprehensive solution helps create a safer and securer environment in the Gaziray railway line in Turkey.

Gaziray Railway Stations
Organization: Gaziantep Gaziray Location: Gaziantep, Turkey Industry Segment: Transportation Milesight Partner: HAN ELEKTRONİK A.Ş. Related Products: 454 pcs of H.265+ Vandal-proof Mini Bullet Network Camera (MS-C5364-PB) 103 pcs of H.265+ Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera(MS-C5373-PB) 8 pcs of H.265+ IR Mini Dome Network Camera(MS-C5383-PB) 37 pcs of 4K H.265 Pro NVR 7000 Series (MS-N7016-UH & MS-N7032-UH) 1 pc of 4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 Series (MS-N8064-UH)


More than 600 pcs of Milesight products were deployed in Gaziantep Railway System “Gaziray”, the most prestige project in southeastern Turkey, to keep all the passengers, staff and property safe at all times.


Located on the ancient Silk Road trading route, Gaziantep, one of the country's commercial giants, is enjoying a flourishing economy while also facing an increasing traffic tension. To solve the transportation problem in Gaziantep, the Suburban System Project “Gaziray” was initiated in 2017 with the cooperation of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the Republic of Turkey State Railways with the aim of carrying 100,000 passengers every day. As the fourth rail system in the country, the whole line will cover a 25-km distance and serve with 25-30 stations. There will be fast speed trains, subway, etc. To become a favorable and reliable commuting alternative, it is essential for Gaziray to present a secure environment for passengers and staff.

Vandal-proof Mini Bullet Network Camera


As a dispersed railway system with a large daily volume of people, 24/7 safety of everyone become the top priority of Gaziray's surveillance system. In consideration of complicated lighting situations and management difficulties at those busy stations, it's undoubtedly a hard task that requires cameras in every node of the railway line monitoring and recording clearly and distinctly at all times of day or night, allowing for automatic incident alerts and alarms and being connected and managed to a centralized system. Milesight is pleased to rise to the challenge, helping enhance safety and security in Gaziray.

Gaziray Railway Station inside


For now, 16 stations of Gaziray had been finished and 565 cameras have been installed including 390 pcs of 5MP Vandal-proof Mini Bullet Camera(2.8mm), 64 pcs of 5MP Vandal-proof Mini Bullet Camera(6mm), 103 pcs of 5MP Vandal-proof Mini Dome Camera and 8 pcs of 5MP IR Mini Dome Camera. Additionally, there are also 32 pcs of 4K Pro NVR MS-N7016-UH, 5 pcs of 4K Pro NVR MS-N7032-UH and 1 pc of 4K Pro NVR MS-N8064-UH employed to connect and manage all cameras and to be responsible for those separate stations' security.

Milesight Vandal-proof Mini Dome Camera, Milesight Vandal-proof Mini Bullet Camera,Mileisght NVR

Robust Cameras with High-quality Video Images

Milesight Vandal-proof Mini Dome Camera

Image quality is a key criterion to evaluate the performance of a surveillance system since it plays an important role both in the pre-incident detection and post-incident investigation. All Milesight cameras chosen are featured with 5MP high resolution, 0.005Lux Starlight, 120dB Super WDR and Smart IR II Technology which can help overcome difficult lighting conditions and bring clear and detailed images in live view and recordings. Especially with WDR, the cameras can maintain image clarity even in backlight and blinding light. Apart from the above, what make Milesight products stand out in this project are also their wide FoV and the ability to reach far distance. Outfitted with IP67-rated and IK10-rated housing, they are ideal for stations and platforms.

Smart Cameras with Intelligent Video Functions

In Gaziray which is designed to transport around 100,000 people every day, you never know what kind of incidents could happen the next moment, like violence, vandalism or theft. To secure passengers, staff, and property at stations better and handle those multiple challenges more efficiently, Milesight VCA with 10 modes enables all cameras to detect incidents and send alerts to the security center automatically and immediately. The Line Crossing function became a highlight in preventing suicide and injuries near moving trains. The security operator can see a pop-up and take action instantly incidents occur.

Milesgiht NVR

Centralized Surveillance System with High Compatibility

So far, the project “Gaziray” is still under construction. When all stations are finished, it is planning to design a security room with video walls to observe all stations, while the video management software has not been decided yet. This uncertainty actually facilitated Gaziray's determination of choosing Milesight offerings. Milesight solution has total flexibility to seamlessly integrate with most major video management providers and is tailored for Gaziray.

Gaziray Railway Stations


By utilizing Milesight solution, an advanced, centralized and flexible surveillance system with better image quality and higher efficiency starts to take shape in Gaziray. Now, 85% of the construction work has been completed and it is expected to be finished by the end of 2021. There will be more Milesight products installed to secure and safeguard Gaziray.