Case Study

Milesight Safeguards Lafarge PV Solar System for The Electricity Supply

Lafarge PV Solar Plant applied Milesight Network Cameras for round-the-clock security in Tafilah, Jordan

Lafarge PV Solar Plant
Organization: Lafarge Cement Jordan Location: Tafilah, Jordan Industry Segment: Industrial Milesight Partner: Soltek Solutions Technology Related Products: Motorized Pro Bullet Network Camera (MS-C5362-FIPB) Weather-proof Mini Dome Network Camera (MS-C5375-PB) Speed Dome Network Camera (MS-C5342-PB) 4K H.265 Pro NVR 7000 Series (MS-N7032-UH)


Milesight, the best-in-class IP surveillance solution provider, is helping to ensure a safe and reliable electricity supply for Lafarge PV Solar System in Tafilah, Jordan. With the deployment of a remote surveillance monitoring solution, the perimeter of the plant has been covered by a solid protective shield.


Lafarge PV Solar plant site is located in the Lafarge Cement Plant in the South East of Jordan about 25km of the King Hussein Highway next to Rashdiya city in the government of Tafilah. Built in December 2017, it is a large-scale plant with approximately 28 hectares 1590 meters above the sea level elevation aiming at providing power for Lafarge Cement Plant.

However, in recent years, this critical power infrastructure has become the target for PV module theft, cable theft and other related crimes, resulting in vastly expensive and disruptive damage and losses to the power provider and users. As such, it is necessary to protect the most vulnerable and remote PV Solar plant site with the latest electronic security solution to effectively prevent and combat this problem.

Milesight Motorized Pro Bullet Network Camera

Severe Installation Environment, Tough Challenges

Milesight Motorized Pro Bullet Network Camera

As the technology blueprint planned to install the cameras covering the plant perimeter to detect and deter the intruder while set the central management in the control building, then how to record the critical and effective videos via cameras and get the remote connection became the key parts. It required the cameras to be scenario-adapted with certain must-have functions working in the difficult weather and light conditions, which was really challenging.


Through the rigorous technology planning, two fiber loops were adopted to link the 18 camera towers around the plant perimeter to realize the data transmission to the control room, integrating the videos from Milesight Pro Bullet Cameras and Speed Dome Cameras to Milesight NVRS for remote connection and central management. In the meanwhile, there were the power system and a switch in each camera tower to supply the power and network for cameras.

Riser Diagram and Cabling Layout of Lafarge PV Solar Plant's surveillance system

Solid Protective Shield

In terms of the plant base, it was designed with long-focus lens Milesight Motorized Pro Bullet Cameras on the poles via linking to Milesight Speed Dome Cameras covering the perimeter area. Equipped with 5MP Resolution, 120dB Super WDR, 0.005Lux Ultra-low Light, P-Iris, Smart IR II with up to 100 meters IR Range and HLC Function, Milesight Pro Bullet Cameras were the unparalleled choices to provide superb clear images day and night. Moreover, with the Smart VCA, if there is any intrusion like line crossing, the alarm would be triggered so as to make the Speed Dome Cameras as conjunction together Pan/Tilt/Zoom to the alarmed area to record instant on-site information. Supported by 3D Positioning, PTZ Auto Tracking and Smart PTZ Motion Detection, the Speed Dome Cameras would not miss any suspicious motion. In this case, Milesight cameras, with the IP67 & IK10 housing for long lifespan even in the tough conditions, worked like perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) to secure the inside plant without any intrusion.

Milesight Motorized Pro Bullet Camera and Speed Dome Camera, Camera coverage layout of Lafarge PV Solar Plant

High-speed Response & Central Management

Recorded locally to Milesight 4K Pro NVRs in the control room, Milesight Cameras were fully integrated with NVRs for central management. Due to the superior performance and system stability, the NVRs ensured the high-quality of local recording needed. In addition, by perfectly integrated with Milesight Cameras, Milesight NVRs could almost complete all the configurations and management of the cameras as well as the alarm settings and Smart VCA. With the monitors linking to NVRs, in the event of an automated intruder alert being activated to indicate unauthorized movement on-site, the operator could monitor the full-scale perimeter and visually verify the accident in seconds, examining the live view and high-resolution images, then quickly respond to the accident.

Milesight NVR

Result: Effective Protection

The project has been completed for quite a long period, and Lafarge PV Solar System has been well protected by Milesight solution making a splendid difference to the provision of the reliable electricity to Lafarge Cement Plant.