Case Study

Milesight Delicate Solution Secures the High-end Mecca Mall in Amman

One of the Biggest Shopping Mall, Second to None Security Safeguard

the gate of mecca mall
Organization: Mecca Mall Location: Amman, Jordan Industry Segment: Shopping Mall Milesight Partner: SOLTEK-Solution Technology Related Products: 33 pcs of H.265+ Mini Bullet Network Camera (MS-C5363-PB) 100 pcs of H.265+ Motorized Pro Dome Network Camera (MS-C2972-FIPB/MS-C5372-FIPB) 2 pcs of H.265+ Speed Dome Network Camera (MS-C5342-B) 12 pcs of 4K H.265+ Pro NVR 8000 (MS-N8032-UH) 1 pc of Milesight Network Keyboard


To guarantee the security and service of the Mecca Mall, the biggest shopping mall in Amman, the exquisite and functional solution including monitoring network cameras and managerial NVRs was employed.


Mecca Mall, located in Mecca Street and named after the street, is one of the biggest shopping mall in Amman, Jordan. Being a great mixture of high-end shopping centre, it is demanding for the Mecca Mall to realize the efficient monitoring and to bring a high quality one-stop shopping experience. All the customers' personal and property security should be maximum ensured.


the entrance of mecca mall

With large and open areas, also special locations like entrances with complicated lighting conditions, the all-round viewing and quality images despite of various lighting environments is urgently needed for the security and service quality monitoring. What's more, opened in 2003, the mall has already equipped with other brands' products which are now still in use. So a qualified solution with good compatibility to ensure smooth running of the whole monitoring system is vital for forming an efficient safety shield. Therefore, Milesight solution was chosen for completing the project.


148 pcs of Milesight products were employed for the Mecca Mall including 33 pcs of 5MP H.265+ Mini Bullet Network Camera, 100 pcs of 2MP/5MP H.265+ Motorized Pro Dome Network Camera, 2 pcs of 5MP H.265+ Speed Dome Network Camera, 12 pcs of 4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 and 1pc Milesight Network Keyboard. With black housing version, the network cameras and the mall were blend into a harmonious whole.

Milesight Pro Dome Camera, Milesight Vandal-proof Motorized Bullet Camera, Milesight IR Mini Dome Camera, Milesight Motorized Bullet Camera

Quality Images Even in Complicated Lighting Environments

The locations like the entrances of the shopping mall and parking lot are complicated in the lighting condition. The strong back light and high contrast lighting would influence the clear image producing especially at the daytime. With Milesight network cameras' outstanding 140dB Super WDR performance, the problem could be easily solved. And via Smart IR II Technology and 0.001Lux ultra low light visibility, everything were under control even at dark night with no additional light sources. The security of the shopping mall could be one hundred percent ensured in all kind of lighting conditions.

Detailed Images for Large and Open Areas

By choosing 2MP and 5MP models, every details are under the control of Milesight network cameras. Every services and potential risks were exposed to the network cameras and managed by the offices via Milesight NVRs. The shopping mall owns many large and open areas which is hard to catch the whole picture with no blind spots via normal models, and that's why Milesight 30X Speed Dome Network Camera took the field. The 360° endless pan, 0° ~ 90° auto-flip tilt and 30X optical zoom are able to catch every corner of the shopping mall.

Milesight NVR, Milesight Vandal-proof Mini Dome Camera

Well Compatibility for Smooth Operation

Milesight solution is not the first one applied in the Mecca Mall since it has run for more than 10 years. Some other brands products has already been installed and are now still in use. So the integration of the existed products and the newly employed products is particularly significant. The greatly satisfying compatibility Milesight products featured with made the whole security system operate smoothly and efficiently with no worries.


The customers' security is well safeguarded and the service is clearly monitored by Milesight solutions. The quality images and efficient viewing allow the shopping mall management staffs to easily control the situation and give timely response if there is any emergency.

Milesight Vandal=proof Mini Dome Camera,Milesight Pro Dome Camera, Milesight Motorized Mini Bullet Camera, Milesight Vandal-proof mini Bullet Camera