Case Study

Milesight Joins MEMR of Jordan to Maintain the Security of Supplying Energy

A comprehensive IP video surveillance solution from Milesight was deployed in MEMR buildings in Amman

gate of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources(MEMR)
Organization: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Location: Amman Industry Segment: Government Milesight Partner: Soltek Related Products: 61pcs of 5MP H.265+ Motorized Mini Bullet Network Camera (MS-C5363-FIPB) 4pcs of 4K H.265+ Pro NVR 8000 Series (MS-N8032-UH)

As more and more crucial energy strategies implemented or needed to be done by Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) in Jordan, the Technical Engineering Team was assigned the task to ramp up the surveillance system to strengthen the overall security of the Ministry buildings. Considering the original security system was no longer fit the bill, they began searching for a fully integrated network-based solution. Then Milesight was selected through Soltek, Milesight partner.

About MEMR

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, situated on the eastern bank of the Jordan River that separates it from its neighbour, Israel, is widely recognized as a beacon of stability in the Middle East. However, since the shortage of the energy, nearly 92% of the energy lies in importing from other countries, which highlights the significance of MEMR, established in 1984 in Amman, whose responsibilities cover many significant aspects towards the energy sector. Apparently, the day-by-day activities inside the Ministry buildings would call for the video surveillance to secure not only the confidential government-owned assets but also the meetings or events inside, notably during the course of the grand international event.

Strict Requirements, Complex Challenges

With cybersecurity and information security coming to be the fundamental to protect a large number of classified assets inside the buildings, the Ministry Technical Engineering Team illustrated that it should be a fully reliable integrated system, which could be well compatible with existing cameras, supporting easy interoperability in management, ensuring the distinct images to monitor any suspicious cases.

Milesight Motorized Mini Bullet Network Camera


Soltek deployed 61 connected Milesight cameras together with the original ones that sent the videos to the main control room in the Ministry main building via fiber optics, switches and media converters. With the user-friendly and flexible installation modes, Milesight cameras were installed in four sites of the buildings fitting different architecture characteristics. Under the project from Soltek, the cameras were integrated into Milesight NVRs, VMS and Milesight Central Management System (CMS), which combined intelligent resources for better monitoring and IP video recording.

Feature-rich and Reliable Milesight Eyes

Outfitted with the latest technologies and advanced functions, such as 0.005Lux Starlight, 120dB Super WDR and the revolutionary IR performance, Millesight 5MP Motorized Mini Bullet Network Cameras could cater for any light condition, which enabled to catch high-quality images inside and outside the Ministry buildings to prevent any disruption day and night. Given the demanding on VCA for footage augmented in government sector, Milesight VCA including 10 detection modes achieved smart surveillance to guarantee all the confidential assets to be in the right place. Moreover, covering SIP function, IP67-rated weather-proof meanwhile the guaranteed cybersecurity, Milesight cameras really made all corners of the Ministry buildings well secured under the feature-rich and reliable Milesight eyes.

Milesight Motorized Mini Bullet Network Camera

Advanced Integrated Security Solution

With Milesight extraordinary cameras to capture the superb quality images in front-end, Milesight Pro NVR 8000 Series, up to 80TB capacity, played their role in back-end to provide an ideal video management system for professional monitoring and surpassed reliability over not only Milesight cameras but also the original ones. Furthermore, to guarantee the better easy-to-use user experience, Milesight software were here to take the effect. For one, Milesight CMS - an intelligent surveillance solution for users to control both Milesight cameras and NVRs, made the users of all levels to set up and deploy solutions as easy as ABC. For another, with Milesight VMS designed to work with IP cameras over ONVIF, it was of great ease to make all the cameras including Milesight's and other cameras configured from a central location in such wide range to provide video surveillance, recording settings and event management functions. The integrated solution, coming together with cameras, Milesight NVRs, and software, offered MEMR a security shield around the clock.

Milesight Motorized Mini Bullet Network Camera

Mission Completed? Sure!

Just like the mission of MEMR is to maintain the security of supplying energy, the mission of Milesight IP surveillance solution is to maintain the overall security of MEMR. As the energy environment has been getting intense but better, it was turned out to be the right choice for MEMR to adopt Milesight solution and Milesight would be there to record and memory any tremendous energy achievements made by MEMR in Amman, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.