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State-of-the-art Solution Protects the Natural History Museum of Fribourg

The Natural History Museum of Fribourg utilizes Milesight solution to secure its numerous scientific collections

Natural History Museum of Fribourg
Organization: Natural History Museum of Fribourg Location: Fribourg, Switzerland Industry Segment: Education Milesight Partner: gmbh Related Products: Motorized Pro Dome Network Camera (MS-C5372-FIPB ) 4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 Series (MS-N8064-UH)

Have you ever fancied to be the Larry working as a night security guard in the Museum of Natural History? As Larry narrated in Night at the Museum, all the exhibits came to life once night falls, which really made him in trouble. However, if the network cameras had been installed, how could the monkeys steal Larry's keys then turn to dust at dawn? Definitely not! Just as Milesight solution deployed in Natural History Museum of Fribourg, all the exhibits have been being safe and in order at all time.

About the Museum

The Natural History Museum of Fribourg is well-known by the public for its numerous and extensive scientific collections and the permanent exhibitions on the topics of geography and biology all the year around. With a vast amount of exhibits on display and numbers of visitors being welcomed at any given time, the museum faces general vandalism and theft, which causes the need for the upgraded security system to not only avoid these incidents but also reduce the workload of the security guards.

inside of Natural History Museum of Fribourg


As the museum need to receive a large volume of visitors during daytime and close at night, the round-the-clock surveillance has no doubt become the priority to protect the exhibits day and night. Thus, it is vital that the cameras can perform well regardless any lighting conditions, no matter in the dimmed lighting of some rooms or even nearly in dark when the museum is closed.

Milesight pro dome secures Natural History Museum of Fribourg


Considering the existing cameras were not qualified enough in photosensitivity, Milesight 5MP Pro Dome Cameras were chosen to take the place of all of them after the strict technical test. Further more, in order to make the better video management and monitoring, Milesight 4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 was applied, which did help to lessen the pressure of personnel securing.

High-quality Images under Complicated Lighting

Fitting different exhibition theme and the stimulating atmosphere, the lighting situation of the museum is quite complex. For instance, the dimmed lighting for the whole room while the contrarily bright lighting only for the display cabinets really requested the cameras to be photosensitive enough. Applied with 0.005Lux Starlight and 120dB Super WDR, Milesight 5MP Pro Dome could cater for any lighting conditions to deliver outstanding images, especially in the ultra low light and high-contrast lighting. Besides, the built-in IR illumination also allowed the cameras to work with the footage changing from color to B/W, which guaranteed the safety of the museum at night.

Milesight Motorized Pro Dome Network Camera secures Natural History Museum of Fribourg

Intelligent VCA for Smart Securing

With the invaluable specimens displaying for varieties of visitors everyday, it's of great importance to ensure the exhibits without any damage or theft. With Milesight Smart VCA function, it was easy to set the protection zones around the collection piece to detect any incidents. If a guest get too close to any piece of exhibit within the museum or the exhibit is removed from the zones, the cameras could detect them and send alerts to the security center immediately so that the guard could take action instantly. And the videos recorded by the cameras could provide law enforcement the necessary evidence if theft or damage were to occur.

Integrated Solution for Cost-effective Monitoring

To maintain the overall security of a museum, it usually requires several guards to keep an eye on what was going on inside the museum. In order to reduce the workload and save the cost, Milesight 4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 was here to enable the central management and monitoring of all the cameras, which could help the guards to be more efficient by allowing them to concentrate on real threats via monitors in case that there was no guard in the scene.

Milesight security system secures Natural History Museum of Fribourg


The Natural History Museum of Fribourg has achieved major success in avoiding damage and theft issues after the deployment of Milesight robust solution, which made Milesight win the accolades again. "With simply fantastic picture quality, the cameras are performing perfectly even in weak lighting environment." noted the project leader of the museum.