Case Study


Organization: Ibn Sina Hospital Location: Mid-East Industry Segment: Health Care Milesight Partner: Kankash
milesight pro nvr 8000 and School Security Guard


Ibn Sina Hospital, established in 1980, is one of the largest psychiatric centers for mental patients and people with psychiatric disorders. The hospital area is 131,088 square meters including wards, clinic, laboratory, office buildings, educational buildings and parking lot, etc. It has 750 beds and serves a large area of people for great peace and privacy.


To strengthen the management of the psychopaths for more security and safety of staff, doctors and the patients and enhance the service for patients, a new method of ensuring patients were well-observed and protected was required. After a number of internal assessments, Milesight video surveillance solution was chosed.


Guarding expensive medical equipment and the safety of staff and personnel were the primary concerns. Choosing high performance cameras and technical supports to ensure absolute safety was a matter of four main aspects: patient movement, patient and employee security, and grounds security.

Totally, 230 units of cameras were being installed throughout the hospital. Mlilesight 1. 3MP and 3MP IR Mini Dome Network Camera (MS-C2182/MS-C3587) were installed in the halls and bed-wards for their mini size and high quality HD videos. 2MP weather-proof IR Mini Bullet camera (MS-C3263) were installed in the courtyard and public indoors for the patient. 3MP Remote Focus & Zoom WDR IR Pro Bullet Camera(ms-c3366) were installed in the outdoor areas and the main courtyards of the hospital to make a possibility of face recognition up to a distance of about 30 meters To record and manage videos, 32-channels NVR including Hikvision and Milesight (MS-N8032) were used in the controlroom. In this project, every department head nurse and people in charge of departments are able to access the live videos through the decoder devices.

milesight pro nvr 8000 and School Security Guard

It's most useful during lower staffing level periods, such as evening and night shifts. It also offers support for isolation wards, where staff must take particular care to protect themselves against inflection or where access to patients is controlled. Satisfied with the performance and the affordable price of the video surveillance management system, the hospital manager consider in the future increasing the number of IP cameras, which is anticipated to involve 350.


The staff members were trained on the system. The system enables efficient nurse deployment, allowing staff members to keep watching on patients and have an appropriate response at all times.