Case Study


Avigilon and Milesight provide the highest safety level for Super Brugsen

Organization: Super Brugsen Location: Gilleleje, Denmark Industry Segment: Retail Milesight Partner: ELCON A/S Sjaelland
retail Security


Super Brugsen, a grocery store chain within COOP Group in Denmark, counts 230 stores in the whole country and focuses on selling high quality organic products. Aside from that, the stores carry a wide range of groceries, personal care, and household items.


Super Brugsen had a surveillance system before, which was destroyed by a water flood in their basement storage. Administrators then were looking for a more powerful and reliable IP surveillance system as replacement. They had adopted "Avigilon Control Center" software and needed cameras that could fully integrate with Avigilon.


Super Brugsen adopted ELCON A/S Sjaelland`s suggestion using 25 PCS of Milesight MS-C3596-PW Cube cameras with 3MP resolution and installed them in main exits and general store areas. In addition, 5 PCS of Avigilon 5.0-H3-B2 in outdoor parking lot, 9 PCS of Avigilon 2.0-H3-B2 in cashiers, 2 PCS of Avigilon 8.0MP-HD-DOME-360-H in store and 7 PCS of Avigilon 2.0-H3-B2 in storage and server room.

The reasons why Super Brugsen uses Milesight products are as follows. To begin with, its easy interoperability and ONVIF compliant which could integrate with Avigilon HDSM software.Besides, competitive price, superior quality and excellent technical support also made Milesight win customer's favor.

retail Security

Milesight MS-C3596-PW incorporates Sony progressive scan EXMOR CMOS image sensor, which delivers HD resolution and high image quality. With Smart IR function, it can accurately reproduces objects without over exposure even close to the camera, where details are often bleached out and impossible to see clearly with conventional IR cameras. Thanks to Peer-to-Peer technology, it`s easy to set up internet access from anywhere, hence, security personnel even can monitor the supermarket without being there. That makes Milesight MS-C3596-PW an ideal choice for 24-hour surveillance.


Super Brugsen is greatly satisfied by Milesight's products. Superior image quality, combined with a powerful recording software, has given store administrators a system to easy investigate and resolve theft and fraud from their store. Milesight would be their best choice in the future, when it comes to price, quality and performance.