Case Study

Milesight Goes to Bama Chain Stores

Maximum Security Assurance with Minimum Size Cameras

Organization: Bama Chain Store Location: Mid-East Industry Segment: Retail Milesight Partner: Kankash


Bama Chain Stores is one of the most successful and best-selling chain stores in Mid-East. For the stores as large as Bama, a complete and precise surveillance system is crucial not just for reducing the risk of the theft but also for insuring customer safety. The management team`s ultimate priority was to provide a safer and more secure environment for its customers and goods.

retail security


One branch of Bama Chain Stores was in need of high quality cameras with wide view-angle to keep an eye on its long goods aisles and corridors in both daytime & nighttime in case of theft or robbery. Moreover, sound recording was also required to avoid some disputes and for effective management to enhance customer services. Thus, the store needed to install a powerful and reliable surveillance system with cameras that are small-sized, provide high resolution and wide-angle images, and equipped with built-in microphone and IR LEDs.


retail security

To meet the security requirements of the store, Kankash implemented a system with 45 PCS Milesight MS-C3587-P 3MP Indoor IR Mini Dome Network Cameras which perfectly suits the specifications.

Milesight MS-C3587-P 3MP Indoor IR Mini Dome is an easy-to-use camera specifically designed for diverse environments with a compact, stylish exterior. Outstanding video quality and easy-installed design makes it the best choice for the store. In order to adapt to constantly changing lighting conditions, IR Mini Dome employs a removable IR-cut filter to provide superior image quality even in darkness. With built-in microphone, the sound recording become feasible. What`s more, Milesight MS-C3587 is equipped with 1/2.5” 5MP progressive scan CMOS, offering wider viewing angle beyond expectation.

IR mini dome camera, mini dome camera

Thanks to extensive ONVIF compatibility, all the Milesight cameras were integrated with HP ML310e Generation8 Tower Server and Digifort Professional management software to set up a professional IP surveillance solution.


Milesight product was chosen for its wide angle of view providing sufficient coverage for all long goods aisles, therefore, all corners of the store are under the eyes of Milesight cameras. Optimizing its surveillance system is important for giving Bama store better control over all long goods aisles and giving high definition images that enable it to analyze the large flow of areas where goods are placed. Besides, customers safety are greatly guaranteed and some issues are expediently solved, making the store management much effective. Finally, it proved to be an excellent decision to implement this surveillance system and the result is considered to be satisfactory for Bama Chain Stores.