Case Study


The School Upgrades Its Security Surveillance by Building an Integrated Monitoring System

Organization: Fremont County School District #38 Location: the United State Industry Segment: Education Milesight Partner: Alliance Communications & Thechnology
School Security Guard


Comprised of three schools, including a primary school, a middle school and a high school, Fremont County School District #38 in Arapahoe, Wyoming serves over 430 students in the district which recognizes that strong schools are the foundation of a strong community. The vision for FCSD #38 is based on the foundation that they are a community dedicated to building an environment with educational excellence for every student in schools. Regarding to the consideration, it is important for them to build a great network video surveillance system for safety and security of its students and employees.


Since the age of students in three schools ranges from Pre-K to teenager, the school had better be equipped with network cameras which are able to provide superior image quality around the clock to monitor their safety. The security system is also required to monitor all entrances, classrooms, corridors and critical areas in the school buildings, whose videos should be able to be managed in one control room or accessed remotely. Fremont County School District #38 consists of three different schools, hence it will be more convenient for them that the security systems in different schools are integrated into one. However, the existing cameras in school were too old to satisfy these requirements. Thus, The school officials intended to replace their security legacy assets and upgraded them to a modern surveillance solution. Besides, quality is not the only concern. The budget issues should be taken into consideration as well.

Motorized Pro dome camera, dome camera


After walkthroughs with a number of vendors, the school's officials chose Milesight megapixel cameras and NVRs for the upgrade. The demonstration of Milesight products greatly impressed them with the user-friendly design, the robust quality, the affordable price and various advanced features.

Considering the protection and integration needs, the surveillance system at Fremont County School District #38 now contains a total of 94 Milesight cameras, including an assortment of 65 PCS of H.265 Vandal-proof Mini Dome(MS-C2973-PB), 18 PCS of H.265 Remote Focus&Zoom Pro Dome Network Camera(MS-C2972-FIPB) and 11 PCS of Milesight Speed Dome(MS-C4192), with four 4K H.265 Pro NVRs(MS-N8032-UH) selected to efficiently control and manage cameras.

By harmonizing the motorized zoom lens, IR LEDs, Ultral Low-light and Super WDR, Milesight H.265 Pro Dome offers image with superlative quality for any critical locations in school. Equipped with motorized zoom&focus lens, Pro Dome allows remote control of focal length, which is perfect for long distance surveillance between different school branches. It is worth mentioning that its unique clamshell design outshines all the others in hardware innovation for hassle-free installation.

As a small and exquisite product, Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera does not sacrifice its functionality. It features strong vandal proof capability which reaches up to IK09-rated, effectively keeping the camera away from destroying by naughty students or thieves. Also, the IP 67-rated weather- proof shields electronics from being damaged even when the cameras are exposed to the demanding environment. True WDR and the latest IR LED features guarantee the image quality in any extreme light conditions.

speed dome, PTZ camera

Milesight Speed Dome Camera is designed to extend user's reach to the max with 22x optical zoom, offering fast and precise 360 degree continuous pan and 180 degree tilt for wide area coverage and great detail when zooming in. It also features motion detection function and event notification technology, which helps the school monitor some chosen areas and set the alarm to alert any intrusion.

All cameras are designed for easy and quick installation, which won't influence the normal activity of school during the project. Furthermore, every camera in the system is configured a infrared (IR) cut filter, which automatically switched the camera from color to black-and-white mode at night, ensuring the 24-hour security.

speed dome, vandal-proof mini dome camera, Pro NVR 8000

In order to conduct the integrated system in a better way, four Milesight 4K H.265 Pro NVRs (MS-N8032-UH) were arranged to offer efficient control and management, offering excellent flexibility and efficiency to surveillance. MS-N8032-UH can set up dual monitor display with 2 HDMI and 2 VGA interfaces. The primary monitor and secondary monitor can be configured separately and have their own display settings which enable school supervisors to have different liveview or playback display layout simultaneously, offering a more efficient and explicit surveillance. The Pro NVR 8032 can also smartly figure out and switch between H.264 and H.265 automatically. The application of H.265 compression which is twice more efficient than H.264 tremendously saves the storage space and costs for the school.


With the quality and performance of Milesight products, the school is able to do more with less cameras overall and receive better coverage than with its previous system. Now with the new system, the superior image quality, ease-of-use design, precise PTZ tasks and powerful decoding and recording of Milesight products enable the school to maintain a safer, more open environment in which students can develop a life-long love of learning. The officials of the district are deeply impressed with the cameras, the NVR and VMS Milesight provided. They are satisfied with the IP-based surveillance protection system, which fully meets the initial goals of securing the students, staffs and buildings.