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Milesight 3D ToF People Counter takes the advantage of the Time of Flight technology to realize rich highlights like 99.5% ultra-high accuracy and 100% unparalleled anonymous detection. It offers second-to-one bi-directional people counting ability, laying a solid foundation for further data-based analytics and management.

people counting

(Entrances & Corridors)
People Counting

people flow

People Flow

  • Reasonable Space Utilization
  • Efficient Energy Control
  • Advisable Decision Making

Make People Counting Easier,
More Secure and More Accurate

Advanced 3D ToF Technology Caters for True Need

100% Anonymous Detection You can Trust

99.5% Ultra-high Accuracy Focus on People Counting

  • 3D Depth Information
  • Break through Traditional RGB Limitation
  • Compliant with GDPR
  • Anonymous Counting, No Human Attribute Recognition
  • Just Statistical Numerical Data, No Video Captured
  • Bi-Directional People Counting
  • Smart U-Turn Detection
  • Distinguished Lighting Environment Adaptibility
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Diverse Applications

HVAC System

Based on highly accurate people counting, it offers an efficient way to precisely control the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The smart linkage provides the spaces with thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality.

Commercial Building

It can be applied to the doorways or corridors in commercial buildings to get real-time and historical people flow statistics. The overall space capacity and usage patterns help operator better allocate resources and optimize space utilization.


It counts passengers getting on or off to obtain statistics for valuable insights. The peak hours with the largest passenger volume, the most crowded carriages and other information will be the basis to further make effective operational decisions.

Public Area Security Prevention

Avoiding crowds gathering is a good way to lower risks like stampede and epidemic spread in public area. It can count people in a specific space in real time to control traffic at a sound level, making for public area security prevention.

To Understand, To Fully Achieve

Advisable Decision Making
Better Understand Space Utilization
Efficient Energy Management
advisable decision making

The statistics-based analysis enables operators to convert people counting data to key elements of decision making. Different people flow of various time buckets efficiently activate business and management values for administrators.

Better Understand Space Utilization

By getting rich traffic data in real time and historical, it brings an accurate full picture of the space capacity, discovering its usage patterns and states of being full, empty, over occupied or less occupied. The space layout, resource allocation and energy usage can be accordingly adjusted.

efficient enegy management

With reliable counting of people in both directions simultaneously, it helps analyze visitor trends and identify peak visitor times. By using these valuable insights, the staffing, maintenance work and HVAC system can be adjusted to meet actual traffic and demand, which optimizes operational efficiency and power consumption.

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