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What are LPR Cameras?

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a technology that uses optical character recognition to read vehicle registration plates, generating vehicle location data. Unlike traditional ip cameras, which lack advanced capabilities, security cameras that can read license plates offer unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

They can automatically identify license plate numbers and other important information. This is done by tracking the position of the license plate, separating characters, and recognizing them. This process improves security and helps manage traffic more efficiently. This improves security and helps manage traffic more efficiently. With built-in intelligent video analysis, Milesight LPR/ANPR Network Cameras have the ability to detect and recognize the moving vehicle's plate number at a speed of up to 250km/h. And the recognition accuracy is up to 98%. Also, Milesight LPR/ANPR Network Cameras could be compliant with CGI and other third-party VMS.

Based on AI-powered LPR Algorithm,
Milesight LPR Cameras Provide More Details

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AI LPR Algorithm

The LPR function gives extra data using a trained deep learning model and keeps training algorithms automatically.

  • Based on AI deep learning neural network
  • Detect and recognize vehicles, plates, and characters precisely in real time
  • Deal better with smudges, plate variation, or lighting changes than traditional LPR algorithms

LPR Smart Search

Milesight LPR cameras not only recognize the plates but also identify vehicle attributes.

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Applications of LPR Cameras

Urban Roadway

  • Speed Enforcement

    LPR cameras that are equipped with high-precision 3D radar technology monitor high-speed vehicle movements in real-time.

  • Traffic Flow Analysis

    High accuracy in capturing and collecting plate numbers and vehicle feature data to improve traffic flow efficiency.

  • Traffic Violation Detection

    Detecting various traffic violations reduces traffic accident rates and generates fines, thereby improving the efficiency and accuracy of penalty enforcement. This not only serves as a deterrent, reducing repeat offenses but also increases the revenue of traffic management departments.

  • Urban Access Management

    Precise recording of license plates and vehicle information enables effective management of low-emission zones.

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lpr camera pc highways


Advanced license plate CCTV cameras can reduce missed detections, enhance toll efficiency, capture license plate details, and improve highway safety.

  • Multi-lane Monitoring

    Coverage 2-3 lanes monitoring simultaneously

  • Seamless Toll Integration

    integrate with toll collect system

  • Multi-line License Plate Recognition (MLPR)

    Accurately recognize license plates with multiple lines of text

  • High-speed capture

    up to 250km/h with global shutter

  • Smart Traffic Functions

    no-plate vehicle capture, reverse driving, ADR detection

Indoor & Outdoor Parking Lot

  • 1 Dual-lens camera supports high-quality video and 6 parking spaces detection simultaneously
  • Setting Black & White List with plates and time for easily manage parking pass authentication
  • Equipped with a built-in Wiegand interface, license plate capture cameras seamlessly integrate with access control systems
  • Ultra high accuracy rate enhances parking efficiency, vehicle management accuracy, and overall service quality of parking facilities
    • ≥99% Parking Occupancy Rate
    • ≥98% Plate Recognition Rate
lpr camera pc parking
lpr camera pc gateway

Gate Control

License plate reader cameras help with accurate identification and scheduling management. They provide flexible gate control and enhanced security for different days and times, day or night.
In addition, LPR cameras equipped with high-contrast imaging and night vision capabilities offer an efficient solution for gate control, ensuring accurate license plate recognition in various lighting conditions.

Recommended LPR Cameras

lpr camera pc radar

AI Road Traffic Radar Pro Bullet Plus Camera

  • Integradted 3D Radar
  • Real-time Speed Detection
  • Traffic Violation Detection
  • Evidence Camera Linkage
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lpr camera pc trafficx

TrafficX Camera

  • 99% Capture Rate & 98% Plate Recognition Rate
  • 250km/h High Recognizable Speed
  • Dual-lens for Overview and ANPR Image
  • 50m ANPR Distance & 2-3 Lanes Covering
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lpr camera pc entrance exit

Entrance & Exit AI LPR Pro Bullet Plus Camera

  • Black & White List Management
  • No-plate Vehicle Detection
  • Evidence Camera Linkage
  • Versatile Interfaces
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lpr camera pc 4g

4G Solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera

  • Solar-powered & Low Power Consumption for Constant Use
  • 4G LTE for Wireless Data Transmission
  • Radar Triggered Vehicle Capture
  • Flexible Deployment & Quick Configuration
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Supported Countries for LPR

Milesight LPR cameras are now in many countries like America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. See the full list of over 70 countries worldwide!
See the full list of over 70 countries worldwide!

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Saudi Arabia

lpr camera pc italy


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Don't See Your Country Listed Above?
Let us know and we can partner together to support your specific country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a license plate camera?

A: LPR technology uses cameras and software to automatically capture and read numbers and letters on plates and vehicles. It employs optical character recognition (OCR) to extract and interpret the characters on the plates. The technology helps automate and streamline processes by providing real-time data and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Q: What's the difference between an LPR camera and an ANPR camera?

A: LPR (License Plate Recognition) and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras essentially refer to the same technology. Both terms describe cameras designed to capture and read vehicle license plates using OCR software. LPR emphasizes the license plate recognition function, while ANPR highlights the system's automation and real-time capabilities.

Q: How accurate are the LPR camera systems?

A: LPR cameras may have different levels of accuracy due to factors like environmental conditions, software algorithms, vehicle speed, and plate design.

Milesight TrafficX Cameras can capture almost all vehicles on the road. They can recognize license plates with high accuracy. The cameras can also identify vehicles traveling at speeds up to 250km/h. Read More>>

Q: What are the recognition requirements for a LPR camera?

A: License plate cameras must have high resolution and infrared capability. They should be installed at the correct height and angle. Additionally, they need to use advanced OCR algorithms to read license plates in various conditions accurately. If you have any questions about installation height and angle, please contact our expert team.

Q: Can LPR cameras work without Wi-Fi?

A: Absolutely. The 4G Solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera operates effectively on the 4G LTE network. This allows it to monitor and transmit data in real-time. It can do this even in areas where Wi-Fi is not available.

Q: What is the difference between regular security cameras and LPR cameras?

A: Regular security cameras are primarily designed for general surveillance, capturing video footage to monitor and record activities within a specified area. These cameras are typically focused on providing high-resolution images and broad coverage.

In contrast, LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras are specifically engineered to identify and read license plate numbers. They use advanced algorithms and infrared technology to accurately capture and process license plate information. This technology works well even in difficult lighting conditions or at high speeds.

Q: Can LPR cameras be integrated with the existing video management system?

A: Yes. To ensure compatibility, you should check for ONVIF protocol support, confirm that your VMS system supports LPR functionality, update firmware and software, properly configure network and camera settings, add and configure the camera in the VMS, and conduct functionality testing and troubleshooting.

Additionally, Milesight's LPR cameras are already compatible with major VMS software on the market, such as Milestone, NX, 3dEYE, and Axxon. For more detailed compatibility information, we recommend contacting our expert team.

Q: How do LPR Cameras handle poor lighting conditions?

A: Milesight LPR cameras are equipped with Smart IR II Technology, which provides illumination invisible to the human eye but detectable by the camera. This allows the camera to capture clear images of license plates even in complete darkness.

Additionally, the TrafficX series features AI ISP (Artificial Intelligence Image Signal Processing), which can reduce noise in low-light conditions and provide image quality close to what the human eye perceives.

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