Official Released: Milesight AI Dual-sensor 180° Panoramic Camera

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Super Display, Super Viewing Experience at Any Time

  • Milesight NVRs are all equipped with solid 4K decoding and display capabilities to synchronously decode up to 4-CH 4K UHD and 16-CH 1080P with the finest details to guarantee high-performance real-time video monitoring.

    4K Video dispaly
  • Independent Outputs enable multiple outputs to display various channels independently, while Synchronous Outputs appoint the same channel to be displayed at different locations synchronously.

    180° panoramic bullet camera, 180 ip camera

More Manageability with Greater Flexibility

  • Offer a true plug-and-play with the built-in independent PoE switches that eliminates the need for costly implementation and integration support.

    plug and play NVR, PoE
  • Provide greater flexibility to address the needs for versatile storage via utilizing HDD(up to 80TB) and NAS storage supported.

    4-80TB storage NVR
  • Guarantee fluid video experience especially for remote playback even in a poor network connection by reducing the stream data via lowering resolution, bit rate, or frame rate based on the CPU capabilities.

    NVR transcoding
  • Enable simultaneous Primary Stream and Secondary Stream recording for freely choosing the desired streaming based on the bandwidth available.

    NVR dual stream recording
  • Feature a range of functions to ensure the easy-to-use system, including Easy Playback, Easy Backup, File Management and Easy Configuration.

    NVR easy setup

Trusted Reliability, Optimum Performance

  • Milesight NVRs feature ANR , RAID 0/1/5/6/10 and N+1 Hot Spare functions to ensure the data integrity and reliability.

    NVR data security
  • Dual network ports to provide three network working modes for more independence, more throughput or more stabilities according to the particular application and needs.

    dual lan NVR

Managing and Growing Intelligent Surveillance

  • A Smart VCA management system that enables Milesight NVRs to proactively respond to the suspicious events, with total control over your entire surveillance via triggering alarms and recordings.

  • An Enterprise ANPR management system to make Milesight NVRs become the central management site to easily monitor the traffic, including the real-time preview of the car plates, smart analysis and other more detailed settings.

  • The combination of retail transaction data with surveillance videos makes it easy to check goods settlement, miscalculation and missing calculation in the stores, supermarkets and other places, which is helpful to boost customer service and in-store competitive advantage.

    pos solution
  • An integrated system that gives you access to Milesight wide range of cameras, ensuring the seamless compatibilities with Milesight advanced functions, including PTZ/Fisheye Auto Tracking, PTZ Manual Tracking, Heat Map and Fisheye Dewarping.

  • An end-to-end video surveillance solution to access and configure Milesight NVRs remotely via Milesight CMS and APP through P2P or Port Forwarding.

    end to end

Inside and Out, Practicability and Aesthetics

  • NVR interfaces
  • NVR design
  • NVR heat dispation design
  • hdd installation structure

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