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Milesight introduces Recessed Installation in most of dome-type cameras, covering the basic product line to high-end product line to satisfy your diverse requirements. The Recessed Installation manages to securely mount a camera into a flat ceiling and is an effective option for indoor discreet monitoring. It allows cameras to seamlessly blend in with any interior to protect you and your assets 24/7 inconspicuously.

recessed camera mount of dome cameras

Full Coverage of Recessed Installation in Milesight Dome Cameras

Milesight offers several kinds of Recessed Mount --- A81, A82 and A78. A81 is compatible with the cable out version of Weather-proof Mini Dome Network Camera, A82 is for IR Mini Dome Network Camera, while A78 is used for Motorized Pro Dome Network Camera & Mini PTZ Dome Network Camera. The camera can be tucked into the ceiling with only its dome part protruding while not interrupting the visual appearance of the building interior. With smoked dome cover AC-72(compatible with Motorized Pro Dome Camera) and AC-71(compatible with Mini PTZ Dome Camera) available, you can easily hide the direction of camera lens for not letting people see where it is pointing.

recessed camera mount mini dome camera
recessed camera mount mini dome camera
recessed camera mount pro dome camera
recessed camera mount ptz dome camera

Recessed Installation of Mini PTZ Dome Network Camera

1. Assemble The Mounting Adaptor;

assemble camera mount

2. Remove The Black Cover;

remove camera cover

3. Lock The Camera with Mounting Adaptor;

lock camera

4. Connect The Cables and Tighten 3 Screws to Lock The Camera to The Ceiling;

connect camera cables

5. Put The Magnetic Ring Cover on.

install recessed camera mount

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