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Lighting is an indispensable ingredient for network cameras to achieve high quality images at night in any surveillance system. LED lighting can be integrated with a whole variety of security technologies for an intelligent and cutting-edge security system. Featured with refined starlight premium technology, Milesight H.265+ Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera with advanced white light sources provides clear and colorful images at night. Also, Milesight White LED is integrated with the alarm system as an alarm action, which provides the most flexible and dynamic lighting set-up in order to detect and deter crime.

How does White LED work?

Camera with IR means that the camera comes with IR Light Emitting Diodes(LEDs) that provide illumination when the camera is placed in very low light environments. IR light is at a higher wavelength(typically 800-980nm), making it invisible to the human eye(typically 390-750nm) while providing the camera the ability to “see”(Figure 1). The camera has an IR-cut filter that removes IR light during the day. IR light is filtered out so that it does not distort the colors of images as the human eye sees them. As light diminishes below a certain level, the camera can automatically remove the IR-cut filter allowing the camera to make use of near-IR light. Since IR light has a higher wavelength than the color spectrum, the resulting image will be in monochrome(black and white), but can capture crucial detail in complete darkness.

Work as complementary light sources

Both IR LEDs and White LED in Milesight camera can be used for surveillance security at night. The ordinary network cameras are just equipped with IR LEDs for night mode, from which users can only see black and white images. While in some situations, it is necessary for them to see colorful images. On this occasion, the White LED offers the even light sources to meet the requirement. Without additional white LED equipment, Milesight White LED is built in the camera, which has good lighting quality and long life span. With the 15°viewing angle, Milesight White LED can be used as a supplementary lighting for night vision. Cooperated with the Milesight Starlight technology, the White LED ensures that the colorful night vision is of superb quality. Moreover, its brightness can be adjusted on the basis of the zoom level to satisfy the actual project requirement.

color and black night view
Figure 1 - Figure 2

Work as an alarm action

Apart from functioning as light sources, White LED is integrated with the alarm system to offer another choice of warning signal. For any alarm, White LED should be enabled as the alarm action at first. When the alarm is triggered, the White LED will light or flash. Taking Motion Detection for example, users should firstly set configuration for Motion Detection in which White LED is enabled as alarm action(showed as Figure 3). Then when there catches movement in the monitored area, the White LED can be activated to warn the specious movement. The White LED is only triggered for a short and pre-determined period of time rather than flooding the scene continuously with unnecessary light. This approach decreases light pollution, conserves energy and reduces running costs, creating a much more interactive and responsive system.

how to set Smart white LED
Figure 3 - Figure 4

How to configure the White LED?

Set the White LED as light sources at night

The lighting time of the White LED can be set in different ways . On one hand, it can be opened through all night. On the other hand, it can be set in a period of time. There are 5 schedule modes for choosing.

turn on white LED
Figure 5

Set the White LED as alarm action

White LED can be triggered by any type of alarm, if it is enabled. White LED technology allows instant response to alarm triggering, creating an extremely effective visual deterrent to help prevent crime taking place. There are two kinds of White LED Mode: Twinkle and Always.

choose twinkle mode
Figure 6

If the Twinkle mode is chosen, the flashing time can be set from 1s to 10s.

flashing time
Figure 7

If the Always mode is chosen, the lighting time can be set from 1s to 60s.

lighting time
Figure 8

There are three kinds of White LED Effective Modes:Always, Light Environment and Customize.

white led effective modes
Figure 9

If the Always Mode is chosen, White LED Flash Mode is always effective.

choose twinkle mode
Figure 10

If the Light Environment Mode is chosen, White LED Flash Mode is effective within the set light intensity.

light enriovnment mode
Figure 11

If the Customize Mode is chosen, White LED Flash Mode is valid for custom time.

customize mode
Figure 12

After the warning time, Milesight camera will be automatically switched to the original mode by turning off the White LED.

twinkle mode
Figure 13

Advantages of using built-in White LED

Provide an alarm action to detect and deter crime;
Keep exceptionally stable luminous flux output;
Offer excellent color rendition at night when it is necessary;
Lower energy consumption compared with external white LED.


Milesight White LED provides excellent light sources for better color rendition at night. Thanks to the smart White LED, Milesight H.265+ Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera is capable of offering colorful images with high quality even in low light as well as making it possible to set one more kind of alarm action, guaranteeing the safety at night.

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