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360° Panoramic H.265+ Fisheye Network Camera remains Milesight neat design consistently. The screw-free surface and tidy cable management make Milesight Fisheye Network Camera a sleek and discreet one.

fisheye camera
Figure 1

Structure of Milesight Fisheye Network Camera

Milesight Fisheye Network Camera consists of Top Cover, IR-reflection Panel, Middle Cover, Inner Cover, 5/12 Megapixel Lens, Main Board and Basic Plate. The camera body is sleek and the well arranged inner parts are designed succinctly but function powerfully.

top cover, anti-reflection panel, middle cover, inner cover, 12MP Lens, main board and basic plate
Figure 2

Top Cover

The pure white top cover is used to conceal the screws, making the whole fisheye camera look intact and sleek.

top cover
Figure 3

IR-reflection Panel

IR-reflection Panel is a small black panel and used in front of the IR LEDs to increase infrared light transmittance and make sure that the camera takes full advantage of the Smart IR II technology.

anti-reflection panel
Figure 4

Middle Cover

A Power Supply Board is made up of two parts and one part is lay on the back of Middle Cover. The Middle Cover functions as the dome cover with Top Cover and IR-reflection Panel on it. The three parts together make the top of camera body detachable and without redundant cables or exposed components.

middle cover
Figure 5

Inner Cover

Inner Cover is designed to conceal the components on the Main Board to keep a neat inside for the fisheye camera. Although it conceals the most of components, there are several functional parts still being exposed with the Inner Cover on. For example, the micro SD card slot and the parts of Power Supply Board.

inner cover
Figure 6

5/12 Megapixel Lens

Milesight fisheye network camera features with 5/12 Megapixel lens, providing ultra high resolution to guarantee superb image quality.

12 megapixel lens
Figure 7

Main Board

Main Board is the core circuit board which consist of the high-perform CPU and other functional circuit modules.

main board
Figure 8

Basic Plate

The Basic Plate is equipped with a round rubber to keep the camera away from water intrusion.

fiseye camera with top cover
Figure 9

How to achieve screw-free design?

Install the Top Cover to conceal screws and achieve screw-free design. Aim the anchor point of Top Cover at the anchor point of Middle Cover, cover the Top Cover and turn it clockwise to finish the installation.

basic plate
Figure 10

Why the inside of Milesight Fisheye Camera neat?

The main parts are all integrated on the Main Board. And to make it neat, Milesight creatively introduces an Inner Cover to cover the Main Board, by which the main parts of the Main Board are hid and the important functional parts are exposed. Besides, Milesight firstly applied the Power Supply Board and get rid of the cables. The Board is composed of two parts, and one is on the Middle Cover, while the other one is on the Main Board but exposed on Inner Cover. Once the two parts contacted with each other, the Power Supply Board started to supply power for IR LEDS.

middle cover
Figure 11

Advantage of Milesight Fisheye Network Camera GUI

Easy Installation
Neat Inside Without Redundant Cables
Discreet and Intact Appearance


Milesight has been committed to bringing high-end products to customers. The detailed design shows Milesight determination on manufacturing cameras of high quality, succinct design, and of powerful functionality.

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