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The rapid development of security industry calls for the need of a more intelligent video monitoring. For the reason that a massive amount of video is being recorded, but hardly ever being reviewed, it is ordinary to miss suspicious behaviors. To avoid such events and activities being missed, Milesight propounds intelligent Milesight Video Content Analysis(VCA), an embedded application for the whole Milesight Network Camera series.

What is Video Content Analysis?

Video Content Analysis(VCA), also referred to Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), is the capability of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine temporal and spatial events. The algorithms can be implemented as software on general purpose machines or as hardware in specialized video processing units. It automatically performs an analysis of captured video, and automatically uses the resultant data. This technical capability is used in a wide range of fields including entertainment, health-care, retail, automotive, transport, home automation, safety and security.

Milesight Video Content Analysis

Milesight VCA provides advanced, accurate smart video analysis for Milesight network cameras. It enhances the performance of network cameras through 10 detection modes, enabling the comprehensive surveillance function and quicker response of cameras to different monitoring scenes.

Region entrance, region exiting, advanced motion detection, tamper detection, line crossing, human detection, people counting,object left ,object removed

1.Region Entrance

What is Region Entrance

Region entrance helps to protect a special area from potential threat of suspicious person's or object's entrance. An alarm will be triggered when objects enter the selected regions by enabling region entrance.

region entrance

How to set Region Entrance

Enable region entrance detection and draw a region by clicking the mouse. Any object entering into the region will trigger an alarm. The “Object Size” can be set to define whether an object is big enough for triggering the alarm when enter into the selected region.

set step of region entrance

2.Region Exiting

What is Region Exiting?

Region Exiting is to make sure that any person or object won't exit the area that is being monitored. Any exiting of people or objects will trigger an alarm.

region exiting

How to set Region Exiting

Enable region existing detection and draw a region by clicking the mouse. Any object which exits the region will trigger an alarm. The “Object Size” can be set to define whether an object is big enough for triggering the alarm when exit the selected region.

set step of region exiting

3.Advanced Motion Detection

What is Advanced Motion Detection

Different from traditional motion detection, Milesight advanced motion detection is a really intelligent one which can filter out “noise” such as lighting changes, natural tree movements, etc. When an object moves in the selected area, it will trigger an alarm.

advanced motion detection

How to set Advanced Motion Detection

Enable advanced motion detection and draw a region by clicking the mouse. The sensitivity can be configured to detect various movement according to different requirements. When the level of sensitivity is low, slight movement won't trigger the alarm.

set step of advanced motion detection

4.Tamper Detection

What is Tamper Detection

Tamper Detection is used to detect possible tampering like the camera being obstructed or moved. This functionality alerts security staff immediately when any above-mentioned actions occur.

Tamper detection

How to set Tamper Detection

Enable tamper detection. According to the sensitivity, alarm will be triggered when disrupted camera operations happen.

set temper detection

5.Line Crossing

What is Line Crossing

Line Crossing is designed to work in most indoor and outdoor environment. An event will be triggered every time when the camera detects objects crossing a defined virtual line. It is especially suitable for general monitoring of entrance and exit points in low-traffic areas, detecting objects such as people and vehicles that cross the defined virtual line.

line crossing

How to set Line Crossing

Enable line crossing detection. Click the mouse to draw a line in the monitoring view. Milesight allows to set up to four lines at a time. There are three direction modes to choose for triggering alarm. “A→B” means when there is any object crossing the line from the “A” side to the “B” side, the alarm will be triggered. “B→A” vice versa. “A B” means that the alarm will be triggered when objects cross line from either side.

Set line crossing


What is Loitering

When objects are loitering in a defined area for a specific period of time, it would trigger an alarm. Illegal activities towards the places like retail stores and banks would be nipped in the bud thanks to this function.


How to set Loitering

Enable loitering detection and draw an area in the view. After setting minimum loitering time from 3s to 300s, any object loiters in the selected area over the minimum loitering time will trigger the alarm. Also Milesight loitering allows to set “Object Size”. Only the object bigger than the set size will trigger the alarm.

set step of loitering

7.Human Detection

What is Human Detection

Human detection is used for figuring out whether an object is a human or not. When human detection is enabled, the camera will figure out objects automatically and it can trigger alarm when needed.

human detection

How to set Human Detection

Enable human detection. When there is an object appearing in the detecting area, an ID will show on the frame. If the object is a person, it will mark as “person”. When the Show Tracks is enabled, the tracks of the moving object will show on the screen.

set step of human detection

8.People Counting

What is People Counting

People counting is able to count that how many people enter or exit during the setting period, which can therefore serve multiple purposes - for business intelligence purposes helping retailers to count how many customers came in a day.

people counting

How to set People Counting

Enable people counting needs to enable human detection first. It records the number of people passing through the line automatically. Crossing along the direction of the arrow will record as “In”. On the contrary, it will record as “Out”.

set step of people counting

Also, Milesight people counting allows to trigger alarm when the thresholds reaches to a certain value. The value ranges from 1 to 9999.

set people counting alarm trigger

9.Object Left

What is Object Left

Object Left is used for checking whether there is something left in the selected area. If there is object left in the pre-defined area, an alarm will trigger.

object left

How to set Object Left

Enable object left detection and draw a region by clicking the mouse. Any object left in the region will trigger an alarm.

the way of setting object left

10.Object Removed

What is Object Removed

Object Removed is used to secure objects' safety. When there is an object removed from a pre-defined region, it will detect and prompt an alarm.

object removed

How to set Object Removed

Enable object removed detection and draw a region by clicking the mouse. Any object removed in the region will trigger an alarm.

the way of setting object removed


Milesight VCA provides the primary setting for the whole VCA functions. “Minimum Size” is to set whether an object is big enough to trigger other settings. The frame you draw on the screen means that only if the object size is bigger than the frame, the settings for other VCA functions will take effect. Maximum Size means opposite. The frame you draw on the screen stands for that only if the object size is smaller than the frame, the settings for other VCA functions will take effect.

object removed


Detect suspicious activities immediately

Provide pro-active operation

Reduce workload for the staff

Automatically analyze surveillance video in real-time


Milesight VCA embedded in Milesight Network Cameras ensures that video surveillance systems become smarter, more accurate, and more cost-effective. Through the functions, the operator can predefine situation detection which reduce a lot of workload. And the intelligent monitoring application is general as well as specialized for different industries, creating new end user benefits and opening up new business possibilities.

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