Milesight AI Panoramic Surveillance

One for All, All in 180°/360°

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Solution Overview

When people talking about surveillance solutions, the growing demand for large area monitoring becomes one of the key trends in security industry. Milesight understands the necessity of wide coverage surveillance applications, such as large open areas, shopping malls, airports, banks, hotel lobbies, schools, etc.

Tailored for ultra-wide monitoring scenes, Milesight AI panoramic surveillance solution provides a full 180°/360° panoramic viewing experience with up to 4K/12MP high resolution, ensuring the complete situational awareness as well as mission-critical details.

solution cms

Milesight CMS

  • Central Management System
  • Support Multiple Monitors Playing, Up to
  • Fully Integrated with Milesight Cameras&NVRs
  • Support Milesight VCA
  • Support Crowd Management Solution
solution nvr

Milesight 4K H.265 NVR

  • Up to 64-CH Video Input
  • Up to 80TB Storage
  • 4K Decoding & Recording
  • Up to 24*PoE Plug and Play
  • ANR/RAID/N+1 Hot Spare
solution app

Milesight M-Sight Pro APP

  • Real-time Management of Milesight Surveillance
  • Up to 64-CH Live View and 4-CH Playback
  • Add Device via IP/Domain, P2P and Milesight DDNS
  • Support Client-side Dewarping for Fisheye Camera
  • Android&iOS Supported
solution fisheye

AI 360° Panoramic Fisheye Camera

  • AI Deep Learning
  • 12MP High Resolution
  • 360° Surveillance without Blind Spots
  • On-board/Client-side Dewarping
  • Advanced Heat Map
  • Fisheye Auto Tracking
  • IP67&IK10
  • Full Compatible with NVR/CMS/APP

Suitable for open spaces such as supermarkets, lobbies, offices, etc.

solution panoramic mini dome

AI 180° Panoramic Mini Dome Camera

  • AI Deep Learning
  • Ultra Mini Size
  • 4K High Resolution
  • 180° Panoramic Surveillance
  • Stunning Dewarping Capability
  • Advanced Heat Map
  • IP67&IK10

Suitable for corridors, entrances, hotel lobbies, building perimeters, etc.

solution panoramic mini bullet

AI 180° Panoramic Mini Bullet Camera

  • AI Deep Learning
  • Ultra Mini Size
  • 4K High Resolution
  • 180° Panoramic Surveillance
  • Stunning Dewarping Capability
  • Advanced Heat Map
  • IP67&IK10

Suitable for hallways, parking lots, streets, building perimeters, etc.

Solution Features

Panoramic Coverage for All-around Surveillance

By reaching up to 12MP ultra-high resolution, Milesight provides an amazing panoramic viewing experience with the finest details and the optimal user experience with On-board/client-side Dewarping at your service.


Dealing with More Details Intelligently

Equipped with a bunch of cutting-edge smart functions like AI Deep Learning, Advanced Heat Map and Fisheye Auto Tracking, Milesight panoramic surveillance solution offers powerful and accurate surveillance solutions to help security personnel work efficiently.

  • vca
  • heat map
  • fisheye auto tracking

Broad Interoperability for Greater Values

Being devoted to maximizing the compatibility of Milesight surveillance system, the panoramic surveillance solution features various compatible technologies, like two compatible modes, plugin-free, ONVIF Full Member, etc., achieving pleasant user-experience.

  • two compatible modes
  • html5
  • onvif map



Panoramic Overviews with Just One Camera

With just one single camera, Milesight panoramic surveillance solution is able to provide the panoramic view without blind spots. It greatly lowers the installation efforts and keeps everything simple and neat.


Boom Your Business with Milesight Heat Map

Beyond security applications, Milesight panoramic surveillance solution can also be utilized for business analysis. Heat Map is a very cool technology that you can see where the busiest part of the shop is by just installing Milesight panoramic cameras in the shop.


All is Done by Milesight Total Solution

Bearing the core of forming a tight product closed-loop, Milesight Cameras, NVRs, CMS and Mobile APP work smoothly to provide a scalable and responsive surveillance system. Enjoy the hassle-free deployment of Milesight total solution, handling all the stuff fast and rapidly.

Application Scenarios

1 retail


2 education


3 shopping mall

Shopping Mall

4 hotel


5 factory


6 transportation


7 airports


8 city surveillance

City Surveillance

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