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Introducing Milesight Intelligent Traffic

May 9-18th, 2023


Enable Smart ITS with Milesight
Intelligent Traffic


Featuring edge AI, Milesight Intelligent Traffic Cameras can efficiently improve smart traffic management by providing real-time insights and analysis data, with significant savings in back-end processing.
To quickly learn our newest products for Milesight Intelligent Traffic, join us for an exclusive Milesight webinar now!

You'll Discover

During the webinar, our expert team will showcase the powerful technologies and differentiated features of our industry-leading traffic products, and share insights on the latest trends in traffic management.


What is Milesight Intelligent Traffic and why it's competitive

How to start an easy entrance & exit control

How we can help to improve road safety with smart features such as red-light running detection, etc.

How we can help optimize traffic flow with real-time data and advanced analytics

How we can help transform your parking lot into a more efficient one

How to integrate Milesight Intelligent Traffic cameras with your system

New Traffic Products for more demanding application scenarios

Chat with our product expert on site to talk about your needs

Quick Overview about Milesight Traffic

Precise Capture

  • Superior Image Quality for 24/7 Traffic Monitoring
  • Precise Capture of Fast-moving Vehicles

High Accuracy

  • Edge AI: Embedded AI LPR Algorithms
  • Vehicle Attributes Recognition: Vehicle Type, Make, Color and etc.

Various Data Push

  • License Plate Number
  • Vehicle Type, Make, Color, Plate Color
  • Vehicle Direction, Speed
  • Country/Region, Distance, GPS and etc.

Diversified Models

  • General LPR Traffic Cameras
  • PTZ Traffic Cameras
  • Radar Traffic Camera for Speed Detection
  • 4G Solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera
  • Dual-lens Traffic Camera

Easy Integration

  • Full Compatibility with Milesight Back-ends
  • Various Data Push for Further Integration
  • Rich Methods to Integrate with 3rd Party System
  • Multiple Event Actions: FTP, Email, SIP and etc.

Maximized Flexibility

  • Simple and Fast Installation
  • 4 Lanes Max with Polygon Customization
  • Linkage with Another Camera for Evidence Capture

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