5G Empowers Robot Applications in Artificial Intelligence Industry

 5G for Robot

In recent years, as the artificial intelligence industry develops, various intelligent robots have been created, such as industrial robots, inspection robots, medical robots, construction robots and so on. Generally speaking, robots have higher requirements for bandwidth rate and computing power in practical applications. However, the last generation of cellular technology - 4G restricts the ability of robots due to issues, like lower bandwidth rate and higher network latency. Opposite to 4G, 5G has features of low latency, high speed and massive connection, which solve the shortcomings of 4G network and perfectly fit the robot application. To meet the need for 5G networking, Milesight launched a 5G industrial cellular router to empower the development of the intelligent robot application industry with a special additional feature of Python secondary development.

Pain Points of Robot Applications

  • Low transmission rate affects the efficiency of image recognition robots.
  • The high latency cannot guarantee real-time data transmission.
  • Low intelligence degree and lack ability of real-time edge computing.
  • Lack predictive maintenance, remote maintenance, and no stability guarantee.


5G Cellular Router for Robot

Robots, which have been integrated with UR75 5G industrial cellular router inside, can solve the deficiencies of data transmission, edge computing and equipment maintenance, thus significantly improving the performance and efficiency. UR75 5G cellular router supports NSA/SA dual-mode, 2.8Gbps downlink speed and 1ms delay, meeting the requirement of real-time video transmission for robots such as inspection robots and medical robots. Furthermore, UR75 5G cellular router can pre-process data and improve the work efficiency of industrial robots by providing Python secondary development and supporting edge computing services of mainstream IoT platforms, such as Alibaba Cloud Link Edge, Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and Amazon AWS Greengrass. In addition, UR75 5G cellular router is equipped with RS232/RS485 and digital input and output interfaces, which can be connected to various sensors and equipment to collect the running status of the robot. 

UR75 5G Industrial Cellular Router


Featuring the latest and fastest cellular technology – 5G, UR75 5G Industrial Cellular Router is not only an intelligent industrial IoT router but also an unrivaled wireless networking solution. Armored with Qualcomm quad-core SoC, 512MB RAM, 8G flash memory and dual-band Wi-Fi, UR75 provides strong and reliable performance for the demand of edge computing in many complex IoT applications. UR75 has 2 SIM card slots and 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports to ensure high-speed data transmission. UR75 is suitable for various applications in harsh environments, such as wireless video surveillance, inspection robots, industrial automation and so on. In conclusion, Milesight UR75 5G industrial router is an excellent choice for your 5G IoT applications.


  • High-speed video data transmission.
  • Offer edge computing capabilities for robots.
  • Improve the efficiency of robots
  • Reduce operation and maintenance costs.


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