Revolutionizing Connectivity: Exploring the Potentials of 5G IoT Applications for Businesses

5G is the fifth generation of wireless network technology, offering faster data transfer speeds, lower latency, greater bandwidth, and enhanced network reliability compared to previous wireless technologies. 5G is designed to provide a significant improvement in network performance, enabling new applications and services that were not previously possible. It is expected to be a key enabler for emerging technologies, especially for the Internet of Things. 5G technology is currently being deployed by network operators worldwide, with widespread adoption expected over the coming years.

Why Use 5G Technology in IoT

  • Faster Data Transfer Speeds

5G offers significantly faster data transfer speeds compared to 4G and other previous wireless networks. This means that IoT devices can send and receive data more quickly, enabling more responsive and efficient operations

  • Lower Latency

5G networks have lower latency, which is the time it takes for data to travel from one point to another. This makes it possible for IoT devices to respond to commands and events in real-time, without delays.

  • Greater Bandwidth

5G networks provide greater bandwidth, which means that they can support a larger number of devices simultaneously. This is especially important for IoT applications, which often involve thousands or even millions of connected devices.

  • Improved Reliability

5G networks are designed to be more reliable than previous wireless networks. This is achieved through techniques such as redundancy and advanced error correction algorithms. In IoT applications, this means that data transmissions are less likely to be lost or corrupted, improving overall system performance.

  • Enhanced Security

5G networks offer improved security features, including stronger encryption and authentication mechanisms. This is especially important for IoT applications, where sensitive data may be transmitted between devices.


Milesight 5G Suite

Milesight has launched its advanced 5G Suite, which comprises the UF51 5G CPE, UF31 5G Dongle, UR75 Industrial Cellular Router and 5G AIoT Camera providing cutting-edge connectivity for various industries.


UF51 5G CPE, the ultra-fast and futuristic 5G CPE is engineered to keep more devices connected in the most demanding environments with high performance.


  • Fast & Reliable Network

– Qualcomm quad-core CPU

-Global 5G NSA&SA/4G LTE network

– Gigabit Ethernet ports

– 2.4G & 5G dual-band Wi-Fi support

– Embedded 8 5G antennas and 4 Wi-Fi antennas

– Equipped with I/O, serial port, and GPS for industrial transmission applications

  • Security & Reliability

– Embedded Python SDK for functional programming and seamless deployment to edge nodes

– Automated failover/failback among Ethernet, Cellular and Wi-Fi

– Secure transmission with VPN tunnels

– Reliable firewall for secure networking

– Embedded hardware watchdog

5G IoT Applications

  • Smart City

As a widely distributed, integrated and convenient urban infrastructure, smart street lamp pole is the best carrier of a 5G micro base station, while 5G is a necessary means for smart lamp pole to explore new application scenarios. The two are complementary, and their combination will be the trend of the times. Installing 5G CPE in the smart street lamp pole will achieve wide signal coverage and vast amounts of data collection which helps to build a smarter city.

  • Smart Agriculture

By utilizing 5G CPE to extend the Internet, unmanned aerial vehicles are able to spray pesticides remotely, replacing traditional farm work which potentially does harm to human health.

  • Smart Factory

5G CPE is a perfect tool to be deployed around the factory to offer wide signal coverage, thus the data of all machines will be collected precisely in an instant. What’s more, remote control will become convenient like a piece of cake.

  • Smart Mining

With 5G CPE installed, the environmental information of mines can be collected through various sensors in the devices themselves and sent to the management center. Then the workers are able to control all kinds of devices remotely. Massive data transmission and lower latency provided by 5G CPE are beneficial to human safety and efficiency.

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  • Smart Healthcare

As 5G CPE is widely deployed, remote diagnosis and remote treatment will undoubtedly become very convenient. Doctors can trace patients’ physical condition according to the health data collected automatically and instantly, contributing to human welfare significantly.

UF31 5G Dongle

UF31, the mini yet powerful 5G Dongle is a 5G-to-wired device which provides USB Type-C for data & power transmission. Its plug-and-play design is born to offer a 4G to 5G migration solution for mobility, embedded system, and general-purpose applications in the most economical and effortless way.



-4.13 Gbps Downlink Peak Rate

-4 × 4 MIMO Downlink

-SA & NSA Modes

– Embedded hardware watchdog

– USB or DC power supply optional

– Compact size to be deployed anywhere

– Firewall and VPN tunnels to ensure secure data transmission

– User-friendly WEB GUI and CLI

5G IoT Applications


  • Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

When Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) connect to a 5G network, they open new capabilities and efficiencies. AGVs have been cruising industrial floors for decades but were originally designed to operate over Wi-Fi, limitations existed from the start. If an AGV detected a potential collision, it stopped and had to be manually cleared by a person to resume operations. With ultra-fast 5G connectivity provided by UF31 5G Dongle, AGVs can utilize navigation algorithms, lidar sensors, vision technology and virtual map sharing to detect objects, think on their own and move autonomously through facilities. Wi-Fi cannot support these advanced machines with the seamless coverage and high data transfers needed to operate in sprawling environments.

  • Digital Signage

Digital signage itself has evolved in the last few years with most users switching to cloud-based software solutions. A cloud-based solution will mean all media players, screens, and contents will rely on an Internet connection. 4G connection has been used in digital signage projects frequently with a high level of success., However, in some cases like in a concert or a sporting event, the signage may slow down to download new content because many people are also using their own 4G connection around. That problem would be disappeared with the help of the UF31 5G Dongle. 5G massive connectivity offers a dozen times of connection than 4G., With a 5G connection, the digital signage should be able to quickly download new content no matter how high the frequency is of 5G. Besides that, the increase in download speeds is likely to bring a trend of higher quality content as well as an ocean of possibilities for digital signage.

  • Robots

Robots are an enormous asset to the manufacturing industry already, and with 5G, they will be of even greater value. Here’s why. Modern robots have become smarter and more able to adapt to their environment and to changing circumstances. To do this, they need a large number of sensors, which takes up a lot of bandwidth. Using 5G, this sensory input can be transferred to the cloud, where computing capacity is virtually unlimited. UF31 5G Dongle can connect cloud-based intelligent data processing to robots and motion controllers with high speed and low latency, which makes robots smart and more efficient.

UR75 Industrial Cellular Router

UR75, the ultra-series is not only an intelligent industrial IoT router, but also an unrivalled wireless networking solution.


  • High Capacity

– Qualcomm quad-core CPU with big memory

– Global 5G (NSA/SA)/4G LTE network with dual SIM cards for backup between multiple carrier networks

– Gigabit Ethernet ports for lightning transmission of data

– Embedded Python SDK for secondary development

– Flexible modular design provides users with different connection modules like Ethernet, I/O, serial port, Wi-Fi, and GPS for connecting diverse field assets

– Rugged enclosure, optimized for DIN rail or shelf mounting

- Wi-Fi 6 allows 2.4G & 5G dual-band concurrent connections up to 1.8 Gbps download speed

- 5G Sub-6GHZ enables wider signal coverage with superb download speeds up to 4.67 Gbps

- Advanced OpenCPU System

  • Security & Reliability

– Quickly develop functions with Function Compute and deploy them seamlessly to edge nodes

– Automated failover/failback between Ethernet, Cellular (dual SIM) and Wi-Fi

– Secure transmission with VPN tunnels

– Embedded hardware watchdog

5G IoT Applications

  • Smart Grid

5G router provides real-time monitoring of electricity, heat, and water supply. These updates can be used to alert controllers to any potential issues or disruptions before they hit a critical point.

  • Wireless Finance

5G router ensures ATM, POS and banking systems faster and more securer connection which will greatly boost operational efficiency and improve user experience.

  • City Infrastructure

5G router delivers ultra-fast connection for the management and monitoring of devices in a smart city, including traffic light, CCTV, street lighting, etc.

  • Smart Factory

More and more factories turn to 5G to speed up toward Industry 4.0. 5G combined with edge computing, data collected can be processed closer to its source instead of a distant data center, thus reducing network latency, which contributes to faster data-driven actions.


5G AIoT Camera

Milesight 5G AIoT Camera is the next generation of video surveillance leveraging 5G, IoT and AI.


- 5G High Bandwidth, Low Latency, High Mobility & Broad Extensibility

- Edge Computing

- AI Deep Learning

- Embedded AIoT Technology

- LoRaWAN Technology

- Multiple Frequencies Available

- Built-in Network Server

- Superior Image Quality


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