Revolutionizing Urban Mobility: The Role of AI in CCTV Traffic Detection


AI plays a pivotal role in smart surveillance by enabling machines to mimic human-like cognitive functions such as learning, reasoning, and problem-solving. The incorporation of advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques allows surveillance systems to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, providing a level of intelligence that goes beyond mere observation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly impacted the field of traffic detection and management, especially in the context of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance. AI-powered systems enhance the capabilities of traditional traffic monitoring by providing real-time analysis, accurate identification, and automated decision-making. 

Milesight Road Traffic Management Camera combines video surveillance with AI, ANPR, 3D Radar, etc, representing a cutting-edge approach to monitoring and securing various environments. Traditional surveillance methods, relying on static cameras and manual monitoring, are evolving into sophisticated systems that leverage AI to enhance their capabilities. This intersection of surveillance and AI introduces a range of functionalities, making the system more proactive, adaptive, and effective in identifying and responding to security threats.


Go Smarter with Milesight Road Traffic Management

Vehicle Counting and Classification

It can accurately count the number of vehicles passing through a specific area, providing valuable data for traffic management and planning. Classification capabilities allow the system to differentiate between various types of vehicles, such as Car, SUV, Van, Bus, Truck, Fire engine, Ambulance, Motorbike, Bicycle and more.


License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Based on AI algorithm, the LPR function provides value-added data via a pre-trained deep learning model and continuously training to algorithms automatically. Milesight AI Road Traffic Camera can not only recognize vehicle plates in real time, but also identify various vehicle features, like vehicle type, brand, color, etc., generating reliable traffic insights to improve safety and mobility.

This is useful for identifying and tracking specific vehicles, managing parking, and enforcing traffic regulations. It utilize deep learning neutral networks to enhance plate detection and read accuracy, minimizing false positive and improving performance in challenging conditions.



Milesight AI Road Traffic Camera

Recommended Models:

4G Solar-Powered Traffic Sensing Camera

AI Road Traffic Pro Bullet Plus Camera

AI Road Traffic Radar Pro Bullet Plus Camera

AI Road Traffic Supplement Light Pro Bullet Plus Camera

AI Road Traffic PTZ Bullet Plus Camera

AI Road Traffic PTZ Bullet Camera

AI Road Traffic Speed Dome Camera

AI Road Traffic Parking Detection Pro Bullet Plus Camera

AI Road Traffic 5G Pro Bullet Plus Camera



Advanced AI LPR Algorithm Improves Road Safety

No-plate Vehicle Capture

(Real-time Detection of Vehicles without License Plates)

Based on AI technologies, the product can identify and track vehicles based on other visual characteristics. It can still provide valuable information and monitoring capabilities in scenarios where traditional license plate recognition may not be applicable. 


Speeding Detection(Only for Radar Models)

By Leveraging AI technologies, including video analytics and image processing, the product can identify and monitor the speed of vehicles on roads.


Reverse Driving Detection 

It can identify instances when a vehicle is moving in the opposite direction to the expected flow of traffic.


Black/White List Management

Featuring Black/White List Management, the product can provide the capability of a system to maintain and control lists of entities that are either permitted (white list) or prohibited (black list) from accessing a particular area, or facility.


Milesight road traffic management solution can significantly enhance the efficiency and safety of road transportation networks.  The integration of AI in surveillance helps reduce congestion and delays, improves safety, optimizes decision-making, and brings up cost-efficiency. The data generated by smart traffic management solutions provides valuable insights for city planners and traffic engineers. Data analytics can be used to identify traffic patterns, plan infrastructure improvements, and make informed decisions to address transportation challenges.

It also alleviates congestion and reduces delays for commuters. This contributes to a smoother flow of traffic, shorter travel times, and improved overall mobility.

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