How to Use AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor to Optimize Workplace Utilization

Optimize Workplace Utilization

Workplace utilization can play a critical role in helping to optimize the work environment for business. Yet traditional workplace utilization is poor because the characteristical manual management is without reliable real-time feedback. For modern and smart workplace, it will know how the office space is being used at every single moment: how many people are in each room; where there is a free desk; is the meeting room booked for actual use and many other aspects of the space usage.

So, do you know if your workplace is in good usage?   How We Can Help

AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor is primarily designed for indoor occupancy analytics in commercial buildings, providing unprecedented precision in the detection of occupants’ counting. Moreover, on-device artificial intelligence process occupancy data measure human occupancy accurately and anonymously. Then, Milesight IoT Cloud platform will show all useful data sent by  UG65 LoRaWAN® Gateway. To help illuminate what this solution are capable of, here are some of the things it can do to optimize workplace utilization:

  AI Workplace Sensor Application
  • Hot Desking

A more accurate and cost-effective option is available right away by deploying a smart sensing solution that monitors multiple desks and provides desk-level occupancy notifications to the hot-desking application.

  • Meeting Room Management

Based on real-time data, Milesight workplace occupancy sensor allows for effective workplace utilization through usage management by detecting presence in a meeting room, which is useful for last-minute bookings. It can also detect unused but reserved rooms and release the resource allowing other access if needed. Moreover, it could generate a true understanding of meeting rooms usage through extensive reporting.

  • Cleaning Service

Workplace utilization data also provides insights for workplace to optimize required cleaning operations. Cleaners can dynamically respond to cleaning needs based on areas of high usage, building user feedback and scheduled requests.

  Featured Products VS121 AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor
  • 98% Recognition Rate
  • 100% Private & Anonymous
  • 78m² Coverage
  UG65 LoRaWAN® Gateway
  • Up to 2000 Nodes
  • Over 2 km Radio Communication Range
  • Ethernet, 4G and Wi-Fi
Milesight IoT Cloud
  • Field Data Visualization
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Real-Time Alert
  • Anonymous Data Collectionon Area

Flexible and large detection area means that workplace sensor allows tailored deployment in your workplace, reducing the total cost of ownership.

  • Flexible and Large Detection

To ensure the utmost level of privacy in a workplace, the sensor collects data anonymously by on-device image processing, which means it only sends the data to the cloud-based management system

  • High Recognition Rate

With up to 98% recognition rate, users can monitor live-occupancy views or dive into a library of configurable dashboards on floor and desk utilization, meeting-room occupancy analytics, team-space capacity planning and more on workplace utilization!

  • More Use Cases

Rather than being just a people counter or desk monitor, Milesight workplace sensor drive long-term ROI with live data feeds that support use cases as varied as space booking/hoteling, wayfinding and more to optimize your workplace utilization.


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