Making Better and Quicker Decisions - Embracing the Combination of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

According to Oxford Online Dictionary, it is “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.” To be concise, AI makes machines almost “think” like a human. However, as for human beings, water and food are essential, while to AI, big data is its cornerstone to make predictive analysis. The more it learns from data, the smarter it will be.


The Internet of Things is a system of interrelated computing devices and mechanical machines with the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Combined with multiple technologies, communication protocols, real-time analytics, machine learning, sensors and embedded systems, and especially the 5G technology, the Internet of Things has evolved a lot and it is of no doubt another revolution in the development of the information industry.

  artificial-intelligence-predictive-analysis   Artificial Intelligence Provides Strong Data Expansion 

The Internet of Things can be said to be the collection and sharing of data between connected devices, while AI will extract the data and make analysis and summary to promote better portability between connected devices. The combination of the Internet of Things and AI will guarantee the meaningfulness of the collected data.

Artificial Intelligence Enhances Operation Efficiency 

Artificial intelligence analyzes and summarizes data information to interpret the development trend of corporate service and production as well as make predictions. For example, the use of artificial intelligence to monitor the use of plant equipment parts, find the possibility of problems from data analysis, and make early warning reminders, which will all greatly reduce the impact of failures and improve operational efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence Improves Accuracy 

If you have tried to analyze the data on multiple sheets of paper on your computer, you must realize that this is a tedious task. The human brain is limited to performing certain tasks at a certain speed. When we are mentally exhausted, we are more likely to make mistakes. Artificial intelligence has the ability to decompose large amounts of data from devices. The best part about this is that since the entire process is driven by machines and software, it can be executed without any human intervention, which makes it error-free and improves accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence Conducts Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis refers to a branch of analysis that looks at existing data and predicts possible future events based on the results. It is no exaggeration to say that the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are the foundation of predictive maintenance. Currently, enterprises are using IoT devices to report any misfortunes or problems in an automated manner, such as device failures, without human intervention. However, by adding artificial intelligence, this method will allow the machine to perform predictive analysis. This means that enterprises will be able to find possible faults and failures in advance and perform maintenance. For this reason, even if the condition is detected before failure, the possibility of loss is greatly reduced. This will greatly save the costs of large companies and help them avoid business frustration. Artificial Intelligence Makes IoT Smarter

In IoT applications, artificial intelligence can help connected devices to deal with emergencies to some extent. When the device detects an abnormal situation, artificial intelligence will make further choices on how to take measures for it, which greatly improves the accuracy of handling emergencies and truly takes advantage of the intelligence in this Internet era.

artificial-intelligence-predictive-analysis-ai Of course, if the current artificial intelligence technology wants to better serve the Internet of Things, it also needs to solve security risks, unexpected downtime, and information delays. As many enterprises have entered this field, various AI-based solutions are designed and deployed, and will certainly make betterment to the construction of the ecosystem and contributions to build a smarter world in the future.

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