Revolutionizing Measurement and Monitoring: Explore Milesight's Innovative Distance/Level Sensors for Various Applications


Distance and level measurement is critical in many industries and applications, such as municipal management, agriculture, manufacturing, and more. Accurate measurement of distance and level can help optimize production, eliminate waste, and ensure safety. Therefore, choosing the right distance/level measurement sensor is essential to achieve reliable and precise measurements.

The Most Comprehensive, Rugged, and Reliable Portfolio


Milesight offers a comprehensive range of distance/level measurement sensors to meet a variety of application needs. The portfolio includes the EM400 series, EM310-UDL, and EM500-UDL. The EM400 series consists of three products designed to cater to different needs. With the common features of robust build and extended battery life, these products have their specialties. No matter the application scenarios you face, you can always find the perfect fit in the Milesight portfolio.

Superior Performance Through Dual Technology --- ToF and Ultrasonic Detection


Milesight's distance/level measurement sensors can be classified into two technologies: ToF (Time of Flight) distance measurement and ultrasonic distance measurement.

Among the portfolio, the unique EM400-TLD employs time-of-flight (ToF) to detect and measure the distance to objects, ensuring almost no blind spots and stable performance. The feature of Almost No Blind Spot guaranteed by ToF makes EM400-TLD specialized for small & mini trash bins to monitor the fill level with high accuracy and alert users to empty trash in time.

The other products adopt ultrasonic distance measurement, which emits high-frequency sound waves to measure distance and level. This technology is non-invasive, making it suitable for applications where contact with the medium being measured is not possible or desirable. This non-contact distance measurement is ideal for applications requiring high accuracy and stability such as those involving liquids or solids.

Various Applications Fulfilled By Milesight Portfolio

Smart Waste Management

Smart waste management is crucial in today's world, where environmental concerns and resource management are a top priority. Monitoring the fill level of garbage bins, the status of the trash bin lid, and trash combustion can play a significant role in optimizing waste collection and disposal processes.

By monitoring the fill level of garbage bins, waste collection companies can optimize their collection schedule based on actual needs instead of following a fixed schedule. This not only saves time and resources but also reduces the number of garbage trucks on the road, leading to reduced carbon emissions. The status of the trash bin lid is another critical factor in smart waste management. An open bin lid can lead to overflow and littering, attracting rodents and other pests. By monitoring the lid status, waste management companies can take appropriate action to prevent overflowing and ensure cleanliness. Finally, monitoring trash combustion can help detect if hazardous materials are being burned, which can release harmful substances into the environment. Proper disposal of hazardous waste is essential to protect the environment and human health, making this feature particularly valuable.

Overall, the importance of smart waste management cannot be overstated. It helps reduce waste, conserve resources, and protect the environment, all while saving time and money. The ability to monitor fill level, lid status, and trash combustion is critical in achieving these goals, making solutions like the EM310-UDL,  EM400-TLD, and EM400-MUD sensors from Milesight an essential tool for waste management companies.


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Smart Parking Management

Smart parking management has become increasingly crucial due to the growing number of vehicles on the road. Monitoring parking space occupancy and providing real-time updates through a cloud platform significantly enhances parking operations' efficiency. Real-time information on available parking spaces can reduce the time drivers spend searching for a spot, thereby reducing traffic congestion and emissions from vehicles circling around looking for a free space. Combining real-time updates with a cloud platform allows parking managers to monitor parking utilization and occupancy rates, enabling them to adjust the pricing or allocate resources based on actual usage. The data collected by the system also helps identify trends and optimize parking infrastructure, improving overall efficiency while reducing costs.

Smart parking management is vital in reducing traffic congestion, improving resource allocation, and enhancing user experience while promoting environmental sustainability by reducing emissions. EM310-UDL and EM400-MUD offer a powerful solution for managing the increasing demand for parking in urban areas by monitoring parking space occupancy and providing real-time updates through a cloud platform.


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Snow Level Measurement


Snow level measurement is essential for several reasons. Snow accumulation can cause hazards such as avalanches, roof collapses, and blocked roads. Accurate snow level measurements can help predict and prevent these dangers, ensuring public safety. Accurate snow level measurements are also critical for transportation planning, particularly in areas with heavy snowfall. Knowing how much snow has accumulated on roads and highways helps maintenance crews plan for snow removal, reducing traffic disruptions and accidents caused by hazardous driving conditions. Snow level measurement can provide valuable data for weather forecasting models. By monitoring snow levels, meteorologists can better predict future snowfall, temperature changes, and precipitation patterns. EM400-UDL and EM500-UDL help provide accurate and reliable measurements, optimizing operations and promoting efficiency while ensuring public safety and environmental sustainability.

Common Distance/Level Measurement


Milesight’s comprehensive portfolio can also benefit many applications as well including barn fill level monitoring, sewer water level monitoring, boiler expansion monitoring, tank fill level monitoring, etc.

  • Barn Fill Level Monitoring

Milesight sensors can accurately measure the level of feed or other materials stored in barns, allowing farmers to optimize feed usage and prevent waste. By monitoring the barn's fill level, farmers can ensure that they have enough feed on hand for their livestock while avoiding overfilling the storage bins, which can overflow and cause waste.

  • Sewer Water Level Monitoring

Monitoring the water level in sewer systems is crucial for preventing flooding and ensuring the proper flow of wastewater. Milesight sensors can provide accurate and reliable measurements of water levels, helping maintenance crews detect any potential issues and take corrective action before they become problematic.

  • Boiler Expansion Monitoring

Boilers are critical components in many industrial processes, and monitoring their expansion is essential for ensuring safe and efficient operation. With Milesight distance/level measurement sensors, factory operators can be notified if the expansion exceeds allowable limits, enabling them to take appropriate action to prevent damage or failure.

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  • Tank Fill Level Monitoring

Tank fill level monitoring is common in various industries, such as chemical processing and oil and gas production. By providing real-time data on tank fill levels, operators can optimize inventory management, improve production planning, and prevent overfilling or underfilling, which can result in costly downtime or environmental hazards.

In summary, Milesight’s diversified and comprehensive distance/level measurement sensor portfolio, designed to meet the growing demand for high-precision and reliable distance and level measurement solutions, offers numerous benefits across various industries and applications, including improving efficiency, preventing waste, promoting safety, and minimizing environmental impact. Their accuracy, reliability, and versatility make them essential tools for optimizing operations and achieving sustainable growth.

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