Going Paperless for More Efficient and Sustainable Operations with Wireless IoT E-Ink Display DS3604

More and more companies are attaching importance to better productivity and energy efficiency. Reducing the use of paper is vital as it can help accelerate an organization’s digital transformation journey. While there are so many options on the market, e-ink displays in offices are gaining popularity for their low power consumption and paper-like characteristics. With the Internet of Things generating tremendous interest and adoption, Milesight introduces IoT E-Ink Display DS3604 with more useful features designed to be flexible enough for a variety of scenarios.



  • Inconvenient Replacement

Traditional paper signs near the location lacked timely information updates and the extra time and labor to repeatedly replace them was cumbersome and error-prone.

  • Complex Installation

If the installation requires wiring, a power connector will be needed. In such cases, the cost of hiring a temporary electrician for deployment is unavoidable and expensive. In addition, the wiring installation is not visually beautiful in the workplace.



Milesight IoT E-Ink Display DS3604 with high-definition displays can be adapted to any business operation scenarios, especially in offices. It supports text, image, QR code in customized templates. It is equipped with a functional button that can be defined by the users for different usage such as alarming, sending occupancy uplink, or some other needed signal. DS3604 provides API for effortless integration, enabling interconnection with third-party situation software or systems. It is a great helper for various application, such as the retails, warehouses and logistics management, smart production line, etc.

For turnkey solution with e-ink technology in offices, two factory prefabricated templates are offered by Milesight, hot desk reservation and workplace display signage, which are perfect for turnkey smart office solutions. Identify workspaces in a professional, clean manner using Desktop or Cubicle Display Signage. Prominently identify employee names, titles, and workspaces with these versatile interior signage selections.

Template for hot desk reservation enables employees to easily book a desk for the day from anywhere, while you manage desk hoteling, assign neighborhoods and seats, and review occupancy metrics. Coupled with IoT devices, such as PIR & Light Sensor, Smart Socket, Scene Panel and many more, the workplace can adjust to appropriate lighting and temperature based on occupancy and reservation data, achieving cost-saving operation in the long term.

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  • Low Power Consumption

Based on LoRaWAN®, the battery life of DS3604 can be up to 5 years in Class A mode. What’s more, one of the most significant benefits of e-ink technology is its energy efficiency. E-ink displays are bi-stable which make them perfect choices for low power consumption as they don’t consume any battery when left idle.

  • User-friendly Interface

E-ink screens are easy on the eyes as they reflect light, just like paper. It supports three pigment ink system, which offer clearer indication and contents for users in black, white and red. Besides, up to 150 languages are available in DS3604, including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), etc.

  • Wireless Deployment

Featuring LoRaWAN®, data transmission is wireless and have deep penetration indoors, has good coverage indoors and in multi-story buildings. Also, Milesight IoT E-Ink Display can be fixed by 3M tapes or screws as e-ink screens are flexible, shatterproof, and light.

  • Easy Management and Maintenance

Facility managers can send a downlink from the gateway built-in network server to realize remote control and configuration. For local control, the users are allowed to revise the content of widgets through NFC with the toolbox app and do the configurations too.


Product specifications and details are available here: IoT E-ink Display DS3604

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