Why and Where to Use Tilt and Inclination Sensors: Milesight EM320-TILT Solves All Your Question!

why and where to use tilt sensor

Why Should People Monitor Tilt Angle?

The world is constantly moving and the inclination of different objects and machines can provide insights into worrisome trends and potential future problems. There are many reasons why people need to monitor tilt angle or inclination.

  • Avoid Accidents and Injuries

One reason is that it can help prevent injuries and avoid accidents. When people are working on a slope, they need to be aware of the angle of the slope to make sure that they do not slip and fall. If the angle is too steep, it can cause an avalanche and can be very dangerous.

  • Ensure Proper Operation of Equipment

Another reason to monitor tilt angle or inclination is to make sure that equipment is working properly. For example, if a piece of machinery is not level, it may not function properly. This can be dangerous for the people using the equipment and for those around them.

Where Tilt Sensor Can Be Used?


The tilt sensor can be used in many applications, in Marine industry, construction industry, infrastructure monitoring and many more.

  • Marine Industry

Tilt and inclination sensors can be used in ships to measure the roll and pitch of the vessel. This information can be used to improve the stability of the ship and to avoid capsizing.

  • Construction Industry

In many construction machines, such as excavators and bulldozers, an inclination sensor can be used to measure the angle of the machine's blade or bucket. This information can be used to automatically adjust the position of the blade or bucket, or to provide feedback to the operator.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring

Inclination sensors can be used to monitor the status of infrastructure, such as bridges and buildings, and to alert authorities to potential dangers, such as a leaning tower. By continuously monitoring the structure's inclination, the sensor can detect even the smallest changes that could indicate a problem. In the event of a potential accident, the sensor can provide critical information that can be used to evacuate people and take other safety measures.

  • Tree Bending Monitoring

Some trees may collapse after wind storms, typhoons, or other natural disasters. Tilt Sensor can be installed at a certain height on these trees to monitor their x, y, and z values in real time. This provides insights on the tree inclination and movement, and can help make timely, effective decisions to protect both the tree and people.

  • Barrier Gate Monitoring

In car parking lots and parking garages, the normal operation of barriers is vital for normal charge of fare. Tilt sensor can be installed in the barrier housing and is particularly suitable for the angel measurement and movement detection of barriers to tell whether the barrier falls, bends or is broken, and if so, it will trigger alarms to maintenance people to take timely measures to ensure normal charge of fare.

Tell us how you need to use the Tilt Sensor and we can customize solutions for you.

Why Milesight EM320-TILT

  • High Accuracy

EM320-TILT utilizes the advanced MEMS Accelerometer to deliver high accuracy and stable measurement of the tilt angle of 3 axis X, Y, and Z. With a wide measurement range of -90°-+90°, EM320-TILT can achieve an ultra-high resolution of 0.01° and accuracy of ±1°

  • Flexible Settings

EM320-TILT supports up to 36 customized trigger alarms based on the angle or inclinations of X, Y and Z, which means that it can be configured to meet your specific needs.

  • Robust Enclosures

EM320-TILT is equipped with IP67 rated enclosure which enables it to withstand harsh conditions and still work properly. The optimized internal design such as its multi-layer structure, obturating ring, and conformal coating further enhances its waterproof and dustproof ability.

  • LoRaWAN®Based

LoRaWAN® technology enables low power consumption and maintenance-free feature, advancing long-term monitoring capability.

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