Smart Aquaculture: Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability with Milesight's IoT Solution

The aquaculture industry in China has witnessed rapid development, leading to a continuous increase in its size year by year. As a major contributor to agricultural economic growth, aquaculture faces challenges in water quality and security monitoring. Most farmers still rely on traditional farming models based on experience, which hinders precise scientific judgments on water quality and environmental changes. Milesight provides a comprehensive solution utilizing LoRaWAN® and cellular technology to enhance efficiency and sustainability in aquaculture. By embracing these technologies, tightly controlled and sustainable growth conditions can be achieved, ensuring the industry's prosperity and environmental sustainability.



At present, industrial aquaculture primarily depends on wireless communication technologies like Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and GPRS for monitoring water quality and security. While these methods effectively serve smaller areas, they present limitations when applied to pond aquaculture.

The challenges include:

  • Short Communication Distance
  • Poor Anti-interference
  • High Power Consumption
  • Separate Management Platforms

These limitations underscore the necessity for more advanced and robust monitoring solutions to ensure optimal conditions and sustainable growth in the aquaculture industry. Embracing innovative technologies like LoRaWAN® and cellular communication holds the potential to overcome these challenges and revolutionize the way aquaculture is managed and monitored.



Milesight introduces a comprehensive IoT solution that effectively monitors and manages fish farming operations, addressing the shortcomings of traditional monitoring methods.


Water Quality Monitoring

As the central hub of the water quality monitoring system, the Milesight UC501 LoRaWAN® IoT Controller seamlessly connects with a range of traditional sensors, including electrical conductivity, pH, and fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensors, through the RS485 industrial interface. This integration allows for efficient and rapid assessment of water quality. Moreover, the controller can easily accommodate additional sensors such as water temperature and water transparency, further enhancing the comprehensive monitoring capabilities of the system.


Water Level Monitoring

The EM500-UDL Ultrasonic Level Sensor functions on LoRaWAN® technology, enabling direct submission of pond water level data to the gateway through LoRaWAN® communication. This efficient system ensures real-time monitoring of water levels, enhancing aquaculture management and promoting optimal water levels.


Smart Weather Monitoring

Milesight WTS506 IoT Weather Station is designed to collect real-time weather data, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure and rainfall. By integrating weather monitoring into the aquaculture system, farmers gain valuable data about weather conditions that directly impact their operations. This data-driven approach empowers farmers to make informed decisions, such as adjusting feeding schedules, managing ventilation, and implementing appropriate precautions during extreme weather events.


Video Surveillance System

Implement a video surveillance camera in the breeding area to enable remote real-time monitoring, capture regular snapshots, store videos, and support playback functionalities. This 24/7 surveillance system ensures safe production in the aquaculture area while significantly enhancing work efficiency and farmer management capabilities. With improved oversight and real-time insights, farmers can make informed decisions, promoting a secure and productive environment for their aquaculture operations.


Industrial Cellular Networking

The UR32 industrial cellular router with dual-SIM functionality plays a pivotal role in this solution, providing both Internet connectivity and power for gateways and cameras through RJ45 PoE ports. By leveraging popular network protocols like MQTT and TCP/IP, the UR32 efficiently bridges the Milesight IoT Cloud to the gateway, ensuring seamless data communication. This robust and reliable router significantly enhances the connectivity and power distribution aspects of the entire setup, empowering farmers with better access to crucial data.


Milesight IoT Cloud

The Milesight IoT Cloud offers a range of rich features, with remote control of devices possible through the relay output of the UC501 LoRaWAN® IoT Controller. Admins can easily access real-time water quality data via a PC or mobile app. Moreover, the cloud platform allows setting up alarms for quick alerts when conditions fall below user-defined standards, enabling prompt responses to changes.


Featured Products

  1. LoRaWAN® IoT Controller UC501
  2. IoT Weather Station WTS506
  3. LoRaWAN® Water Level Sensor EM500-UDL
  4. LoRaWAN® Outdoor Gateway UG67
  5. High-Resolution Camera IPC
  6. Industrial Cellular Router UR32
  7. Milesight IoT Cloud



Visualized Aquaculture Management

Milesight’s solution enables continuous monitoring and visualization of essential parameters like pH value, dissolved oxygen, water level, and weather. Admins can access real-time and highly accurate data through the Milesight IoT Cloud, providing greater insights into the aquaculture environment.


Wireless Deployment

LoRaWAN and 4G cellular network eliminate the need for extensive wiring, simplifying deployment throughout the facility.


Low Power Consumption

The solution utilizes low-power consumption technology, ensuring extended battery longevity. Multiple sensors can be simultaneously supported within the facility.


Safe Production

The deployment of surveillance cameras allows for remote real-time monitoring, ensuring safe and secure production practices.



The Milesight IoT solution offers a holistic approach to aquaculture management, providing numerous advantages that result in improved efficiency, sustainability, and overall success in the industry. By harnessing the power of IoT technology, farmers can achieve smarter, data-driven practices that lead to thriving and environmentally responsible aquaculture operations.

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