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The IoT industry’s blossom has brought in more end users as well as more user needs, in which case device-to-cloud connection becomes a necessity. As a fast-growing AIoT solutions provider, Milesight dedicates to optimizing customers’ user experience and to better introducing the charm of IoT to them. That’s where Milesight IoT Cloud platform comes in, to meet customers’ needs. Milesight IoT Cloud Platform fills in the gap between device and cloud, thus providing an overall end-to-end solution. With Web, iOS and Android app versions, Milesight IoT Cloud makes device-to-cloud connection secured and flexible.


Designed exclusively for Milesight customers, Milesight IoT Cloud and Milesight LoRaWANR sensors and controllers complement each other. With abundant features, Milesight IoT Cloud platform unleashes every possibility of multiple nodes thus realizing AIoT.  

  • Dashboard

The customizable dashboard provides multiple intuitive widgets such as Clock, Map, Line/Pie/Column Chart, and Alarm List, to visualize the real-time data and conditions of all connected devices, thus simplifying user’s decision-making process. To know your devices’ status, all you need to do is to take a glance at the dashboard where all elements are presented according to your settings.


  • Map

The map provides devices’ location information including street address, latitude, longitude, etc, which greatly helps assets management and troubleshooting. If any device in the field is having some problems, you can receive reports and quickly locate the problematic device led by Map. Besides, having a straightforward view of nodes’ location through Map is helpful for building a new or expanding an existed LoRaWAN® network.


  • Triggers

Triggers can be created with combinations of different conditions(“time” or “value”) and actions(“alarm” or “trigger”) to fulfill diversified needs, among which device interaction and preventive monitoring are the most common two. As the essential function of Milesight IoT Cloud platform, Triggers help realize device interaction and automate your workflow over the Cloud. It can also be a great help for preventive monitoring to keep you alert through email at the very beginning of preset conditions.


  • Event Center

Event Center presents Alarm Report, Trigger Log and Reporting Records of different periods. With theme filter of “Serial Number” or “Command Title” , etc, reports can be classified and devices’ status is crystal clear. Event Center also enables you to download all reports for further analysis.

event center

  • Sharing Center

Sharing Center is a big booster to teamwork for its flexibility to share devices with different levels of permission and transfer devices’ ownership effortlessly. You can see clearly the device shared by me, shared with me, transfer devices and notifications. Member adding and device transfer greatly help simplify device management between teammates.

  • sharing centerReports

Daily, weekly or monthly reports can be checked or shared to acquire more insights on the performance of the devices connected. All reports help visualize the status of devices. Gathering data and generating reports, let the AI and algorithm do the work for you.


Wanna see how these features make a difference? Try our online demo for free!


  • Data Security

The most concerning thing about uploading data from nodes to the cloud is whether personal data will be leaked or breached. Data security and privacy are always the top priorities at Milesight and for users. All data from Milesight end-nodes and uploaded to Milesight IoT Cloud Platform are stored and protected by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s leading secure cloud computing service provider. Milesight IoT Cloud Platform also offers multiple security mechanism to improve data protection. X.509 Certificate ensures all data from end nodes to Cloud is well validated and encrypted. HTTPS protocol helps anti-spoof and data encryption. OAuth 2.0 allows secure API authorization in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications.

data security

  • Efficiency and Convenience

With Milesight IoT Cloud, the device-to-cloud connection was never this easy. The IoT Cloud Platform finishes data collection and device check automatically which greatly helps decrease the cost for labor and increase efficiency. Milesight IoT Cloud helps you run errands to save you time and trouble.

Besides, with the mobile app, you can check the status of devices at any time and realize remote control through a few clicks on the phone, which is of utmost convenience for customers. Web page and mobile app together lifted the barrier of an end-to-end solution. From end device to end users, Milesight IoT Cloud is a solid bridge.


Application Scenarios

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring: Monitor IAQ data, monitor your health Smart City: Connect the city over the cloud, convey the convenience to the crowd Smart Building: Combined with the cloud, centralized control is endowed Smart Agriculture: Infuse vitality in traditional farming through Cloud   More benefits of Milesight IoT Cloud Platform await you to explore! Contact sales to choose the right packages.   Learn more about other connectivity suites: DeviceHub MilesightVPN

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