Building Smart Office with Milesight IoT Cloud via Smart Trigger System

Building Smart Office with Milesight IoT Cloud via Smart Trigger System

The internet of things(IoT) is the foundation of a smart office. The smart office leverages IoT technologies to use automation to create a comfortable working environment for employees and conserve energy for the reduction of operating costs. Milesight IoT Cloud is a comprehensive cloud service that integrates functions of data visualization, auto control, real-time alert, bulk management and so on. By leveraging Milesight IoT Cloud’s smart trigger system, users can set up various combined rules for different conditions to remotely monitor the end field and smartly control end devices.

In this article, we will show you how to use the smart trigger system to build up a smart office.

 Smart Trigger System

In this application, UG65 LoRaWAN® Gateway sets up a LoRaWAN® network; AM107 ambiance monitoring sensor detects temperature, humidity, PIR (for human activity) and CO2; UC1114 LoRaWAN® controller connects with control panels of light bulbs, ventilators and air conditioners and uses relay out to turn on/of them. 

Device List

Smart Office Scenario 1: Light Scheduling

Light On:

 Light ON

 Light Off:

 Light OFF

Smart trigger system will automatically turn on/off bulbs every workday via UC1114 LoRaWAN® controller.

Smart Office Scenario 2: Smart Air Conditioner Control

AC On:


AC Off:


Temperature is the most obvious factor of comfort. Both the hot and cold temperature would lead to discomfort. AM107 will be used to check if employees are staying in the room and detect the temperature. When the smart trigger system finds that the temperature is higher than 30 degrees and someone stays in the room, it will auto turns on the air conditioner to maintain a comfortable temperature, and shuts down the AC to save cost while the temperature dips down to 20 degrees or nobody stays in the room.

Smart Office Scenario 3: Clean Air Control to Improve Comfort

Ventilation Fan On:

Ventilation Fan On

Ventilation Fan Off:

Ventilation Fan Off

Poor ventilation will generate high levels of CO2, which can cause a variety of health issues. Concentrations above 1000 ppm are likely to cause feelings of discomfort, such as fatigue, loss of concentration or headaches. Concentrations above 750 ppm are likely to cause stiffness and odors. For employee performance and well-being, once AM107 detects that the concentrations are above 700 ppm, the smart trigger system will turn on the ventilation fan and turn off the fan after concentrations fall back to 500 ppm, keeping CO2 concentration level in a proper condition. 

Smart Trigger System Benefits

  • Comfort Improvement

Use automation to create a comfortable working environment for employees and better employee productivity.

  • Cost Reduction

Conserve energy for the reduction of operating costs.

  • Various Combined Trigger Rules

Use time and value from end devices as conditions to realize intelligent control according to the applications.

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