Reduce Energy Consumption of Buildings by Milesight LoRaWAN®-Based Lighting Control Solution



Light is the source of all life and it is closely related to people's daily life, work and study. However, in well-lit buildings, people often overlook the presence of light, which leads to forgetting to turn them off, resulting in a waste of resource. Lighting consumption which is a significant factor in building efficiency has widely aroused people’s attention. So, automatic lighting control systems are introduced to economize lighting electricity and manage the lighting easily. Compared to the complexity and high price of automatic lighting control systems with a large amount of engineering, Milesight Smart Light Controller sets up a bridge that helps users gain quick access to smart lighting control at low cost and high returns.


Lack of Multiple and Flexible Controls

Spacious office and public buildings mean larger lighting areas and many more lighting fixtures. The traditional lighting control mode is single and inflexible, which can only be operated in person on site. It is difficult to realize remote and timing control, automatic switching on and off of lights according to the different conditions.

Lack of Alarming

Conventional light controllers do not collect power consumption data. Users are unable to know in time the reasons behind the energy waste without the help of monitoring devices and data analysis from the cloud platform.



WS558 Smart Light Controller can control lights on eight circuits, but each circuit can be operated separately. It is equipped with 8 local switch buttons for local control, allowing to test the connection status of lights without networking. WS558 can be deployed in areas with an accessible ceiling void or other suitable places, but the correct connection to the lamps and circuits should be ensured. Users can easily configure it via NFC with the help of Milesight ToolBox, an easy-to-use configuration tool.

Milesight CoWork Series, such as WS101, WS202, and WS156, can communicate directly with WS558 via Mileisght D2D Protocol featuring LoRaWAN® to easily achieve scene-based control, full on and full off of lights in 1 second. With the mobile app or web of Milesight IoT Cloud, customers can also realize remote lighting control and create timing schedules anytime and anywhere. Users are free of soaring electricity bills, even if they forget to turn off the lights when they leave the building. Furthermore, WS558 LN Type features power consumption measurement and uploads all collected data through the Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway to the Mileisight IoT Cloud, which will generate regular reports and notify users in real-time if circuits are shorted or overloaded.

Featured Products

WS558 Smart Light Controller

WS202 PIR & Light Sensor

WS136 & WS156 Smart Scene Panel

Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway

Milesight IoT Cloud

Benefits Easy to Use, Easy to Install

WS558 is easy to install in all kinds of ceilings, walls, or inside electricity boxes, etc. Users can quickly complete the configuration via NFC technology.

Labor and Material Cost Saving

Reduce wiring costs, the number of switch panels and the workload of the installation master by deploying Milesight LoRaWAN® Based Lighting Control Solution.

Energy Savings with Flexible Control

With remote, scheduled, centralized and scene-based control, users can control the lights anytime and anywhere, and customize a detailed schedule of up to 18h.

Remote Monitoring and Warning

Obtain operating status of equipment and circuits, detailed information on lighting power consumption, and reduce the electrical risks with real-time data collection and alarms.

Milesight D2D Communication

Support Milesight D2D protocol to enable low latency (less than 1s) and direct control without any gateway.

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