IoT Solutions For Monitoring Workplace Safety And Health

COVID-19 spread is emotionally challenging for many people, changing day-to-day life in unprecedented ways. Now along with returning to work, more countermeasures should be taken by all sections of society for the good of themselves and each other. Our IoT solution allows you to understand how your workspace is being used, ensuring social distance regulations are respected and enabling you to make scientific decisions. The IoT solution keeps both customers and employees safe while remaining compliant with the social distancing guidelines. With the AI-enabled cameras and sensors, we can remotely monitor the workplace, such as the occupancy levels, and warn when limits are being reached, which assures a much safe and healthy environment.

workplace_safety_health Challenges
  • Placing and maintaining the physical distance between persons
  • Monitor the workplace and understand its occupancy, usage, and how to optimize it
  • An effective way to detect a person who may sick or infected already


The solution is very easy to understand and to deploy in the field. The LoRaWAN® based AM107 ambiance monitoring sensor can be mounted in the workplace to intelligently capture motion sensing, a measure of light intensity and air quality. By understanding the ambiance changes, companies can optimize the work environment, creating a smooth and efficient workplace. The EM500-MCS sensor can notify when doors/windows are open while the room is empty. Ensure offices are left without leaving behind access to proprietary information.


The smart cameras allow edge processing architecture and artificial intelligence algorithms for image processing. You can install the thermal temperature monitoring camera in the entrances for body temperature detection, and trigger the alarm, in case of a high temperature. 


And the panoramic camera and Pro camera can be installed in the central activity area and parking place for crowd management, capacity control, and space occupancy monitoring. 

workplace-safe-and- healthy-monioring

The space occupancy data analysis enables people to understand room usage, make free resources easily available. People counting features can detect the number of people enter and exit in high-density areas; The occupancy dashboard can display the number of people to indicate occupancy limits; an Advance heatmap can evaluate the traffic of populated areas.


The data from sensors are transmitted via LoRa to a gateway and video/picture data via ETH to the cellular router. And finally, all the sensor data and video data are processed in either MQTT Broker, AWS/ Azure platform, or the surveillance monitoring platform.

Featured Products

  1. Panoramic Series Camera
  2. Thermal Temperature Monitoring Series (Customizable)
  3. Ambiance Monitoring Sensor
  4. Door/Window Break Sensor
  5. LoRaWAN® Gateway: UG65
  6. Industrial Cellular Router UR32

Similar Scenarios

Conference/Meeting Rooms Open Offices Super-markets Retail stores


1.Energy Conservation

Heating/cooling and lighting up of vacated workspaces can be avoided. Become more sustainable by reducing CO2 emissions.

2. Safe & Healthy Environment

Air quality matters to worker productivity and well-being. 

3.Space Occupancy Data Analysis

Provide scientific information for real-time coordinates and historic data review.

4.Workspace Monitoring

Count people and objects, footfall analysis of traffic flows, location and direction coordinates, location, and speed heatmaps.

By continuously collecting data, monitoring goals are reached much faster and in a more efficient way.

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