Maximizing Road Safety: The Integration of Radar Technology in Traffic Cameras


In the ever-evolving landscape of transportation and urban planning, the integration of advanced technologies plays a pivotal role in enhancing road safety and traffic management. One such innovation that is making a significant impact is the integration of radar technology into road traffic cameras. In this blog post, we explore the capabilities and benefits of road traffic cameras with radar integration.


Milesight AI Road Traffic Radar Pro Bullet Plus Camera is a surveillance device that combines the capabilities of a camera and radar technology. This device is designed to monitor and manage traffic on roads, highways, and intersections. The integration of radar technology enhances the capabilities of traditional traffic cameras by providing additional data related to vehicle speed, movement, and traffic conditions.



Advanced 3D Radar Technology


3D Radar, AI, and LPR are innovatively combined into one camera that not only enables vehicle identification and accurate plate reading but also provides extra real-time data on vehicle speed and direction. Additionally, the high environmental adaptability of radar modules offers precise detected data in any weather conditions.


Accurate Speed Detection

Radar-equipped traffic cameras excel at precise speed detection. By leveraging radar waves, these cameras can accurately measure the speed of vehicles on the road. This capability is crucial for enforcing speed limits and promoting safer driving habits. 


Traffic Violation Detection

Accurately detect and alert violation events such as No-plate Vehicle Detection, Specific Lane Detection, Reverse Driving Detection, Speeding Detection, Black/White List Detection, and Vehicle Event Detection for mission-critical road traffic management.


Intelligent AI-powered LPR Algorithm

Based on the AI algorithm, the LPR function provides value-added data via a pre-trained deep learning model and continuously trains algorithms automatically. Milesight AI Road Traffic Radar Pro Bullet Plus Camera can not only recognize vehicle plates in real-time but also identify various vehicle features, like vehicle type, make, color, etc., generating reliable traffic insights to improve safety and mobility.


LPR Smart Search

Relevant videos can be found quickly by searching for only a portion of the target suspect vehicle's features, such as vehicle type & color, plate color, plate number, speed, direction and etc., ensuring efficient event investigations and intelligent AI road traffic monitoring. It also supports manual export and auto export for easy management.


Superior Image Quality

Milesight applies Sony's highly sensitive 1/8" sensor whose capacity is approximately twice that of the conventional ones. Its high sensitivity is designed for capturing saturated and sharp images even in pitch-dark environments. Milesight AI Road Traffic Radar Pro Bullet Plus Camera is coupled with a 90fps high frame rate that delivers quality images with no latency despite the high-speed movement.


Easy Installation

As an all-in-one 3D radar camera, the radar module is directly integrated into the camera, which is easy to deploy for the users. The well-designed integrated junction box and versatile interfaces ensure installation efficiency.



Product Highlights:


  • Traffic Violation Detection
  • Integrated 3D Radar
  • Intelligent AI-powered LPR Algorithm
  • 200km/h Recognizable Detection
  • 2 Lanes Monitoring at Once
  • 4X/12X AF Lens
  • 1/1.8'' Sensor & 0.005Lux Starlight
  • 90fps High Frame Rate


As we embrace the era of smart cities and connected transportation, road traffic cameras with radar integration stand out as a beacon of innovation. Their ability to provide real-time data, automatic incident detection, and seamless integration into broader traffic management systems makes them indispensable tools for creating safer and more efficient roadways. The future of traffic management is undoubtedly shaped by the intersection of safety and cutting-edge technology, and radar-equipped cameras are leading the way.

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