Smart Wine Cellar Protects Your Operators from the Risk of Carbon Dioxide Poisoning

In the process of fermentation in wine-making, a colorless, odourless by-product is usually generated as well: carbon dioxide. Normally wine is protected from air during fermentation by the blanket of carbon dioxide produced. Due to the fact that carbon dioxide is heavier than air, when it overflows during fermentation and slowly falls on the ground inside the cellar or winery, it could easily form a dense layer, which will cause great danger to the safety and health of the operators. Therefore, a carbon dioxide monitoring solution for building a smart wine cellar is fundamentally important.


As is known to all, being exposed to carbon dioxide at concentrations as low as 0.5% poses a threat to the human health. If the concentration is over 10%, it may probably lead to the death of the operating personnel. Consequently, to monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide inside the cellar or winery is fundamentally important.

smart-wine-cellar-topology In this topology, operating personnel should mount CO2 sensor at the entrance as well as the places where the personnel will usually walk by. Due to the fact that carbon dioxide is heavier than the air, it should be mount on the wall near the ground. Besides, UC11-N1 LoRaWAN® sensor node should be adopted and connect to the alarm and ventilation device. Once the CO2 value has exceeded the threshold preset and been shown on Milesight Cloud via data transmission from UG85 gateway, the system will send out email alerts and push notifications to mobile phones to inform the operating personnel. In the meantime, the ventilation device will function to lower the concentration of carbon dioxide and the alarm will ring to remind people of not getting into the winery or cellar.   


It is highly recommended that the installation height of CO2 sensor should be lower than human height (at least lower than the chest). Or you can adopt a more scientific method to calculate the installation height as follows:

H = Q^(-2)

H= Installation Height Q= Quantities of Wine Barrels

Featured Products

EM500-CO2 Sensor em500-co2


  • Continuous Carbon Dioxide Monitoring

Milesight EM500-CO2 sensor consumes little power when functioning, which makes it able to monitor carbon dioxide concentration rate continuously.

  • Wide Measurement Range

Measuring range is from 400ppm to 5000ppm.

  • Easy Installation

Milesight EM500-CO2 sensor can be easily installed by the printed quick guide provided inside the package and can perform well in any closed areas or outdoors

  • 4 in 1 Sensor (Carbon Dioxide, Barometric Pressure, Temperature and Humidity )

While monitoring the concentration rate of carbon dioxide inside wine cellar or winery, EM500-CO2 sensor also measures temperature, humidity and barometric pressure in order to create an excellent environment for smart wine cellar solution.

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